Easy Self-Installation of OLOID M-Tag for adding mobile access on top of existing RFID badge readers

Intuitive Mobile Access Experience with OLOID M-Tag

Retrofit Mobile Access Using Bluetooth Credentials on Various Devices Using OLOID M-Tag

OLOID announced a revolutionary battery-powered mobile access product to help businesses replace badges with smartphones for accessing doors, turnstiles etc.

As we transitioned to a hybrid work, OLOID has been a very important partner for modernizing physical access at our offices. Our team loves the OLOID mobile app and the freedom from badges.”
— Lawrence James, Managing Partner, TILT

ATLANTA, GA, USA, September 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — OLOID Inc. has introduced a new product called OLOID M-Tag at GSX conference today. OLOID M-Tag is a breakthrough mobile access product that is revolutionizing physical security and access at modern flexible and hybrid workplaces. OLOID M-Tag has been designed to be installed easily, without the need for specialized technical skills or expertise, in a matter of minutes. “OLOID M-Tag simply slides and mounts on top of the existing badge reader with an experience inspired by the ease of how millions of smartphone users install a protection case on their smartphones.” said Madhu Madhusudhanan, Co-founder and CTO of OLOID. OLOID is a leading developer of modern physical identity and access technologies, and is previously credited with the introduction of the world’s first enterprise-grade software reader for deskless workers.

OLOID M-Tag ushers in frictionless, hassle-free, and intuitive mobile access for employees, visitors and contractors across workplaces. It provides a retrofit upgrade to existing RFID badge readers and enables simple, smart and secure mobile access to doors, turnstiles, elevators, parking garages or wherever a RFID badge reader may have been installed. It is a sleek and lightweight proprietary hardware that can be self-installed on top of legacy badge readers to enable wireless communication with the OLOID mobile app in order to securely authenticate mobile credentials, thereby eliminating the need to carry or present a RFID badge or fob. Once installed, OLOID M-Tag allows authorized users to gain physical access through a variety of unlock modes ranging from full hands free mode where a user can simply use a hand gesture to open the door to highly secure dual factor authentication mode where a phone needs to be unlocked with Face or PIN before gaining access.

Since Oloid started developing the OLOID M-Tag more than two years back, Oloid has closely collaborated with a number of early customers in a private beta to validate the feature set, user experience and robustness of the product. Among the early beta customers was a renowned marketing and branding company agency, TILT, based in Birmingham, Michigan. According to Lawrence James, Managing Partner of TILT – “As we transitioned to a hybrid work, OLOID has been a very important partner for modernizing physical access and for automating access provisioning. Our team loves the OLOID mobile app and the freedom from badges.”

OLOID is supportive of local manufacturing, and has designed, developed and manufactured the OLOID M-Tag product in the United States. The design team located in Sunnyvale, CA, paid special attention to non-obvious features and functionality of the OLOID M-Tag product. Mounting the OLOID M-Tag on top of the existing RFID badge readers does not disable the badge operation functionality. This backwards compatibility feature of the OLOID M-Tag helps ensure that the badge or fob-based access for non-smartphone users is not interrupted and that the modernization does not come at the cost of inclusivity.

Additionally, the Oloid engineering team has implemented several layers of security in the OLOID M-Tag product. Applying the principle of “security by design”, the OLOID M-Tag hardware has been architected in such a way that it does not store any user or company data on the device itself. The mobile credentials are securely transmitted from the mobile device over an encrypted Bluetooth connection between the OLOID M-Tag and the user’s smartphone and immediately relayed to the RFID badge reader as an RF signal. This helps ensure that bad actors cannot extract any identity or usage data from the OLOID M-Tag itself. Moreover, the OLOID M-Tag hardware is tamper-proof and ceases operation as it is unmounted and requires administrative activation before reactivation on another door. “Our customers trust us with the security of their buildings, assets, intellectual property and most importantly people. My team has carried out months of penetration testing to ensure reliance against brute-force and presentation attacks.” said Shankar Agarwal, Co-founder and Head of Engineering at Oloid.

An Oloid survey of more than 100 large employers revealed that 58% are ready to adopt mobile access but find the cost and installation experience of current solutions to be prohibitive. The survey also revealed that the incidents of lost or left-behind-at-home badges has dramatically increased by over 300% among the population of employees that do not come to the office on a daily basis. “The nationwide launch of the OLOID M-Tag is very timely for organizations who are adopting and ramping hybrid work. As employees move to a more dynamic work environment, provisioning, delivering and managing physical badges is going to be tougher than ever before. We look at the OLOID M-Tag more as a platform than a hardware product. Just like leading mobile manufacturers offer new generations of products every year, OLOID plans to release new functionality such as support for NFC, mobile wallets and environmental sensors in the non-so-distant future. The OLOID M-Tag product helps our customers become future ready and future proof without breaking the bank.” concluded Mohit Garg, Co-founder and CEO of Oloid.

The Oloid team will be showcasing a live demo of the OLOID M-Tag product at the Global Security Exchange Conference, an annual event organized by ASIS International, which is the world’s largest membership organization for security management companies and professionals. The security conference will be held September 12th to the 14th at the Georgia World Congress at Atlanta, GA. The OLOID team has announced a limited offer of free OLOID M-Tag device to GSX participants who sign up for a trial at the at its Booth No. 1857 at GSX.

About OLOID:

OLOID is a physical identity and access technology provider committed to providing secure and privacy-forward authentication for the modern workplace. OLOID’s vision is to replace antiquated technologies such as pin-pads, badges and fingerprint readers, with frictionless identity based single sign-on for physical access. Oloid offers Industry’s first self-install mobile access solution and software reader for enabling mobile and facial recognition based access while coexisting with the existing hardware and legacy physical control systems.

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