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B2B and B2G engagement in implementing objectively measurable resilience-based preparedness solutions is vital to neutralizing the rapidly multiplying risks to all Free Nations’ safety, and security.”
— Minna LeVine, Chair of Nordic Business Council USA

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2024 / — The NORDIC Business Council USA will host and launch: “Transatlantic Partnerships for the Defense Industry” during its NORDIC Energy Week conference in Vaasa, Finland in March 2024. This partnership will advance Nordic cross-border partnerships and set the foundation for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) collaboration and coordinated action. This event will spearhead the implementation of objectively measurable, operationally proven, and nationally comprehensive and compatible resilience-based critical infrastructure, business, community, and national preparedness mindsets, metrics, methodologies, and technology practices between the USA and Nordic Allies.

“It is clear joint B2B and B2G engagement in implementing objectively measurable resilience-based preparedness solutions is vital to neutralizing the rapidly multiplying risks to NORDIC and all Free Nations’ safety, security, quality of life and futures. Thus, actionable coordination between Nordic Nation’s and US technology developers is no longer an option — it’s an imperative!” Minna LeVine, Chair NORDIC Business Council.

“Finland possesses a decidedly advanced preparedness culture. It is exemplified and driven by an equal respect for history and today’s realities, continuous questioning of the status quo, and a world-class, superbly educated, pragmatic, self-reliant, motivated, and responsible citizenry. Finland’s resilience-based preparedness culture drives the creation of innovative, SMART-R (pronounced smarter) infrastructure technologies and solutions that will dramatically lower internet-reliant target values and correct America’s and all free nations currently increasingly consequence-enabling and multiplying infrastructure, business, community, and National preparedness trajectories”, Jeff Gaynor, President, American Resilience, LLC, Preparedness Advisor, SMART Community Council.

Efforts to build partnerships between enterprises and organizations within the Defense industry are underway. The Nordic Business Council USA will leverage the Council’s existing network for building resilience-based preparedness. The Council is working with strategic partners through engagement and exchange of technical expertise to ensure critical safety, security, and preparedness standards are sufficient to address the spectrum of foreign and domestic challenges before the USA and the NORDICS now as well as those looming on the near and far horizons.

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