ATLANTA,, GA, USA, September 2, 2022 / — The importance of having high-quality, well-trained health care agencies, nursing homes, home health aides, and independent caregivers is at the forefront of the news thanks to a renewed policy reform push. The fall-out of the renewed focus on home health care agencies and independent seniors’ care facilities is that patients and their families are being left with fewer affordable care options, while top home health care providers are having to push harder for ways to connect with families and demonstrate their experience, expertise, and track record of care. Now, a new online health care marketing company, Caregiver Deluxe, has launched a platform designed to bring those seeking care together with the top care providers in an easy-to-use online platform.

Caregiver Deluxe is an online platform that provides the most robust, convenient, and intelligent way to search for and connect with those seeking seniors’ care with the best service providers. Caregiver Deluxe is committed to supporting the home health care and seniors’ care community by providing valuable resources and tools that make life easier for everyone involved in the process of caring for seniors. Whether the individual needs short-term or long-term care, Caregiver Deluxe is there to help connect them and their family to trusted, high-quality care.

“I created Caregiver Deluxe to provide a solution for home health care providers to showcase what sets them apart and why they should be entrusted with beloved members of our community,” explains Monté L. Jones-Griffin, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Caregiver Deluxe.

“At the same time, I know that searching for care is a challenge for families and seniors. They get bombarded with ads and phone calls as they search. For them, it seems like finding care is more about which companies are spending the most ad dollars online to get top search results, rather than being about finding the actual top care providers in their community. Caregiver Deluxe changes that formula with a holistic approach to search and realistic expectations. We help to bring together families looking for an ideal care situation for their loved one with the best home health care agencies, nursing homes, home health aides, and freelance caregivers.”

Caregiver Deluxe was relaunched in January 2022. The platform provides strategic marketing solutions for startups and small and medium-sized seniors-focused health care businesses. The company allows health care providers to focus on what they do best, offering excellent care in the community while providing direction on the development and growth of the health care company in the wider marketplace and offering concrete marketing solutions.

“Ultimately, the senior care business has to change how and why they are valuing their staff. Yes, investor relations matter but we cannot put profit over people! Our company is forever changing how caregivers are being evaluated within the marketplace,” says Jones-Griffin.

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