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ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, November 1, 2022 / — Over the past couple of years, cybersecurity has been a critical element and interest for many technical and non-technical professionals. The changes in the technology landscape have positioned citizens to think more about individual and corporate safety. The sophistication of cybercrime has warranted new skillsets and best practices for protecting information assets, data, and resources. Learning and gathering relevant data for how to approach and reduce security risks is challenging. Many learners and professionals depend on YouTube to help advance their knowledge and learning. As a repository of knowledge, YouTube is the best, but some of its creations are over-fluxed!

The over-flux of information on YouTube has had many creators onboard content that’s very complex and overlapped. The “Chief Of Cybersecurity” YouTube channel has simplified content relating to career development and security engagement. It also simplifies information sharing and discusses meaningful topics that the end-users and career professionals find challenging. The channel can further be described as a dedicated place for learning, engaging, and gathering relevant information about the cybersecurity ecosystem. Topics ranging from Digital Parenting to Supply Chain Management are raising great reviews!

Examples of LiveStreams and Podcasts:

Livestream Episode 2022-006 Cybersecurity Careers: Which Cybersecurity Career Path Should Entry-Level Professionals Pursue?

S2, EP17 – How To Transition CYBERSECURITY AWARENESS MONTH Into A Common Practice

Livestream Episode 2022-007 Your Cybersecurity Resume Needs Some Work – Here are Tips For Success

S2, EP18 5 SECRET Tips to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe from CYBERCRIME!

The host, Dewayne Hart, is the business owner of a cybersecurity consulting firm, SEMAIS-Secure Managed Instructional Systems, and is a cybersecurity enthusiast and technology leader. Dewayne has developed a blueprint for understanding cybersecurity best practices and building talent by designing workforce development programs and modernizing enterprise IT systems, applications, and information protection standards. He uses his recent publication – “Cybersecurity Mindset,”- as a guide and roadmap for his content. Subscribers gain relevant information mapped to common security gaps that cause risks and pointers on career progression. Entry to advanced security teams is now gaining first-hand knowledge on how to simplify, operate, and connect cybersecurity. Earlier this year, he submitted a press release for the Cybersecurity Mindset

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More About Dewayne Hart

Dewayne brings 30 years of IT experience to the market. He has been pivotal in navigating security guidance for the most sensitive networks during his career and has mastered an understanding of the cybersecurity blueprint and concerns expressed by various technical and non-technical communities. Before embarking upon his career in the commercial IT world, Dewayne completed 20 years in the U.S. Navy. His military experience consists of sustaining and securing computer, weapons, and intelligence systems; and delivering leadership and development training. He continues to carry his military and technology experience to develop & drive cybersecurity solutions.

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