The Ohio-based company is gearing up for new locations, projecting a strong expansion year for 2024

It is an interesting journey so far because we are going against the industry logic, so we have had our challenges, but it has been exciting. We are benefiting so many people.”
— Arthur Yon, Co-Founder and Principal of NEST Protection Plan

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, December 28, 2023 / — NEST Protection Plan®, a unique company that offers mold-free home warranty plans and limited home inspection services, has just announced two huge milestones. The organization has just closed territories for both New York and Georgia, aiming to launch services early this coming up year.

The New York territory is located in Albany and was purchased by industry veteran John Slater, a licensed mold inspector and certified asbestos investigator.

“New York is very strict on the requirements for certification, meaning John has a very thorough background. We are very happy and pleased with someone of his background and experience to join us. He brings a lot of expertise to the table and to the entire NEST Protection Plan network,” stated Arthur Yon, co-founder and principal of NEST Protection Plan.

Yon pointed out that he and Slater had linked up within social media thanks to the company’s continued growth and social buzz. “He was very interested in the concept and what we are doing. He took the opportunity to join us now, and we are very excited.”

Georgia’s new territory will land in Savannah, owned by Taylor Griesbach. Yon points out that the differentiated backgrounds of both new franchise partners showcases the diverse opportunity presented by NEST for business owners.

“Taylor and I connected through one of our ads. He owns a business in Savannah that does painting and remodeling services,” stated Yon. “He knew he could connect this easily with his property owners.”

The company has had an exciting month. The group presented an in-depth training on December 8th to 10th, in Dayton, Ohio. Franchisees learned the CRM system in detail, the company’s procedures, and how everything works.

December also housed an event in Louisiana for 30 to 40 Realtors who reached out to the company’s first franchisee, Huey Miller, Jr.

“These classes have gained a lot of popularity as Realtors have been blown away by everything we teach them. For our franchisees, we have found that connecting Realtors through state-approved CE courses has been helpful for everyone,” Yon pointed out. “Our founder, Tony Norvell, is a 30 year Realtor and a 20 year mold restoration veteran. He has expertly bridged both groups.”

The next step for NEST is to grow locations on the East Coast, South, Midwest — and more. New potential franchise partners are lined up for South Florida, Louisiana, and Missouri.

“It is an interesting journey so far because we are going against the industry logic, so we have had our challenges, but it has been exciting. We are benefiting so many people,” Yon said.

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NEST Protection Plan® offers homeowners limited home inspection services and an accompanying lifetime mold-free home warranty service plan. For more information on the NEST Protection Plan® and how you too can provide homeowners in your market peace of mind in knowing that their homes are mold free and their families are protected though the NEST Protection Plan® please visit our website at

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