Balancing multiple roles is not about juggling tasks but harmonizing responsibilities, ensuring each role thrives while serving the greater vision.”
— Teresa Hardy

ATLANTA, GA, USA, January 1, 2024 / — In her unwavering, career-long pursuit of equity and community empowerment, revered activist Teresa Hardy, affectionately known as the “Leader for the People” and a dedicated community crusader, continues to make significant strides in the fight for equity. Spending 2023 demonstrating her commitment, Teresa has earned and been appointed to several executive roles within DeKalb County, further enhancing her acclaimed leadership in legislation, education, and economics.

Embracing the dawn of 2024 with an invigorated commitment to community service, Teresa has assumed the role of Deacon at Salem Bible Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Building upon her legacy as the former NAACP DeKalb County Branch President, she now leads the Political Action Ministry, Growth Group, and Sunday school, deepening her involvement with critically important members of one of the state’s largest populated communities.

Teresa’s influence and wealth of knowledge extends to her role as president of the DeKalb County Section of the National Council for Negro Women (NCNW). Advocating for intellectual freedom, the DeKalb County Section, under Teresa’s guidance, introduces students to ‘Banned Books’ through the innovative Freedom to Learn program.

“Balancing multiple roles is not about juggling tasks but harmonizing responsibilities, ensuring each role thrives while serving the greater vision.”

A steadfast regional activist, Teresa consistently champions the interests of her community. Whether speaking at the monthly community breakfast, spearheading voter registration and education initiatives in DeKalb County, or contributing to the resolution of discrimination cases at the federal level with HUD for Clay County, Alabama, Teresa’s impact is felt far and wide.

Amidst the holiday season, Teresa encourages self-care and relaxation for high-functioning women, coupled with visionary planning for the upcoming year’s initiatives.

With full momentum moving into 2024, Teresa Hardy has ambitious plans to expand her educational, leadership, and economic programs—starting in Q1. Her itinerary includes visits to 20+ DeKalb district schools, providing educational tools to the valuable and often overlooked younger citizens.

Simultaneously, she will launch at-home educational learning kits, aiming to improve the staggering, lower than average youth reading levels throughout the East Atlanta Metropolitan area. Additionally, Teresa will unveil her new financial literacy program, 10:10:1 —formulated to push ten individuals to achieve one million dollars in ten years. More details on this initiative will be revealed in early 2024.

“Every willing effort today has the potential to shape a brighter tomorrow with profound impact.”

To stay updated on Teresa Hardy’s impactful community initiatives, follow her on social media @leadert4people.

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