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Upgraded platform allows users to easily analyze visitation to individual points of interest or custom groups of locations across the United States

We utilize Placecast data from Motionworks to help our customers better leverage our suite of out of home (OOH) advertising across Hawaii.”
— Jean-Paul Gedeon, CEO at JPG Media

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, January 31, 2024 / — Motionworks, North America’s leading Population Intelligence company, announced today the official launch of its upgraded data visualization dashboard and the ability to aggregate custom points of interest (POIs) as part of its Placecast® product. This launch follows the recent announcement of the company’s successful Series A funding round of $9.3 million.

Motionworks uses geospatial technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and exceptional data scientists, engineers, and UX experts to curate past, present, and predictive insights on how the total population moves throughout the physical world – everywhere, all the time. The company’s industry expertise includes travel, retail, real estate, transportation, city planning, and multiple media channels. The data fuels the currency for the out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry across North America.

Placecast provides anonymized insights into how many people are visiting Motionworks points of interest and regions, including the neighborhoods in which they reside, how often they visit, and how long they stay utilizing a proprietary methodology that protects consumer privacy. Visitation information includes standard demographic data such as age and gender, as well as more sophisticated behavioral segmentation such as purchase intent, retail visitation, automobile ownership, and political affiliation. Motionworks provides thousands of syndicated Motionworks Cohorts in addition to cross-tabulation options and the ability to integrate first and third-party datasets.

Motionworks’ client base includes retailers, travel and tourism bureaus, government planning agencies, and media companies, including television, radio, and out-of-home advertising. The new Placecast data visualization dashboard enables customers to easily interpret Motionworks data, helping them to make smarter decisions for their businesses and communities.

The new dashboard provides users with the ability to create custom “place sets” to analyze valuable metrics such as foot traffic, dwell time, and visitation frequency across multiple locations. This functionality helps retailers understand how often their consumers visit a single location or their entire retail footprint, empowers place-based networks to aggregate signage exposure across their entire network, and enables urban planners and municipal agencies to understand the frequency with which locals and visitors utilize public facilities, transit stops, EV charging stations, grocery and retail locations, and medical services.

“We utilize Placecast data from Motionworks to help our customers better leverage our suite of out of home (OOH) advertising across Hawaii,” said Jean-Paul Gedeon, CEO at JPG Media. “The ability to visualize this valuable data through the new dashboard simplifies our work and makes it easier to help our clients target their customers.”

“We’ve been helping our clients enhance their businesses with visitation data for years via our Placecast product,” said Ryan Kinskey, Motionworks cofounder and CEO. “Simplifying the interpretation and analysis of this information via our new dashboard aligns with our mission to make population mobility data and location intelligence accessible and actionable for users with any level of technical expertise.”

Access to the Placecast dashboard can be purchased directly from Motionworks. The data can also be accessed via the Snowflake Marketplace. To learn more about Motionworks, visit

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Motionworks is the trusted population intelligence expert that empowers customers with privacy-compliant, innovative data solutions to help them make smarter and more confident decisions. Motionworks is the fusion of three powerhouse companies in the mobility space, Intermx, Transport Foundry, and Standard Data, with a portfolio spanning advertising, city planning, tourism, transportation engineering, and retail. Powered by geospatial technology and exceptional data scientists, engineers, and user experience experts, Motionworks delivers a wide range of high-value mobility insights that provide historical, real-time, and predictive intelligence about how people move around the globe.

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