“I stand by message, and I ask you to give our Local and Award-Winning Legends of Georgia a try and welcome you to ‘TAKE THE LEGENDS CHALLENGE!’”
— Michael Gerard

CUMMING, GA, USA, June 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — SpiritsUSA set out to merge a 21st Century approach along with an age-old way of distilling and what we’ve accomplished in a short amount of time Legends of Georgia Distillery line of spirits has proven above and beyond that they are on the cusp of something truly amazing.

Legends Distillery has become one of Georgia’s fastest growing distilleries in our state’s history with over 42 awards earned including prestigious accolades such as Best in Class Platinum, Double Platinum, Double Golds, Vodka of the Year and most recently earning the Consumers’ Choice Award at the 2022 SIP Awards.

Legends 115 Wheated Bourbon was voted “Best Wheated Bourbon in the Country” at the Ascot Awards, which for any major brand would be an amazing accomplishment, let alone a micro distillery based out of Cumming, GA…speaks volumes!

This was achieved this by sourcing the best available spirits and finishing them with our patented “Quantum Purity” technology, reducing 50-70% of the impurities in alcohol which naturally occurs during the distilling process, allowing for full flavor of our spirits to shine whilst reducing the burn, arguably making our Legends spirits the smoothest and purest brand in the market today.

SpiritsUSA stand by their message, and ask you to give Cumming’s Local and Award-Winning Legends of Georgia a try and welcome to the ‘TAKE THE LEGENDS CHALLENGE!’

Legends Vodka vs the go-to brand and post results on social media, tag us at @Legends_Spirits with the hashtag #takethelegendschallenge. SpiritsUSA is confident one will agree, our Georgia Vodka is the smoothest vodka one will ever taste.

As an immigrant and proud American Citizen, Michael states on every one of the bottles “100% American Owned (some with accents)” and continue to embody the American Dream of moving to this great country and thrive under the red, white, and blue of our nations flag.

Michael Gerard
Legends Distillery
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