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HILLSBORO, GA, USA, February 7, 2024 / — In a groundbreaking collaboration, Mena Tejeiro, has joined forces with renowned author Jack Canfield and a distinguished group of professionals worldwide to co-author the book, Success Redefined, published by CelebrityPress®. The book made its much-anticipated debut on February 1st, 2024

Upon its release, Success Redefined surged on the Amazon best-sellers charts, attaining remarkable positions and securing the coveted #1 New Release spot in two distinct categories! Furthermore, it has achieved impressive rankings, hitting best-seller status in Direct Marketing, Sales and Selling, as well as in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and the Marketing and Sales categories. These exceptional accomplishments emphasize the quality and value of Success Redefined, highlighting its impact and resonance with readers.

Mena’s invaluable chapter, titled, “Trust Fall Into Alignment”, played an essential role in the book’s remarkable success.

Meet Mena Teijeiro:

Mena Teijeiro is a possibilities igniter – a hybrid of the world of business and the realm of conscious exploration. She found common ground in nature where she offers sacred space for profound transformation. Mena guides heart-centered souls to create a fertile foundation for their lives to scale in a sustainable and authentic way.

Born in Argentina in 1977, she grew up in a loving family with four siblings and her two parents. Early on, she experienced cultural diversity and uprooting when moving to DC between the ages of five and ten and traveling around the world with her family for extended holidays. Early on, she learned how to be inclusive and welcoming with all people. Her life had the abundance of community, resources, education, and opportunities, yet lacked the emotional guidance to love herself and trust her inner voice.

Mena dedicated herself to doing her best in all areas of life; economist, COO of an internet startup, intern in DC at the IIF. She worked with investment bankers in Chicago and Buenos Aires, became a wife, a Booth MBA (multi-lingual), was on the business recovery team at PwC in London, and then was a full-time mom for her two wonderful boys.

A multi-passionate soul (intellectually and physically), she was strongly influenced by her environment and outwardly thrived. Within, she had many wounds and insecurities…she had failed herself by ignoring her inner landscape and not knowing how to set boundaries.

In 2010, Mena got divorced and went off the beaten path into higher dimensions to start creating a life that felt like home. Now, she is a highly intuitive consultant (certified in many modalities) supporting souls to return to their sovereign power. She is the managing owner of The Florrest (retreat center nestled in 153 acres of forest in middle Georgia), creator of Awaken Flow™ framework, a TEDx speaker, and the author of The Alchemy of Words, Poems of Truth to Transform your Inner Landscape.

Mena values authenticity, collaboration, and an organic approach to life. You will find her playing in her forest, clearing a trail, creating her next project, visiting or traveling with her boys, learning a new modality or skill, and collaborating with souls who appreciate and encourage each other to bring more light into our beloved planet.

Her greatest achievement will always be trusting her intuition, aligning with her fulfilment, and being a source of joy and guidance for those who want to receive their divine inheritance. It’s contagious, so if you are interested, find out what she’s up to at:

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