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Visionary martial arts Professor Khari Sekou I opens “Warrior Garden”, a martial arts training collective, at Phys.Ed Gym in East Point, GA.

“It is better to be a Warrior in a Garden…than a Gardener in a War”.”
— – Chinese Proverb

EAST POINT, GA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Visionary martial arts Professor Khari Sekou I opens “Warrior Garden”, a martial arts training collective, at Phys.Ed Gym in East Point, GA.

Professor Khari Sekou I is a lifelong warrior artist. He holds Instructor ranks in SWAM FuJuKa Boxing, Zen Takai Kenjutsu, and Fannul Harb Jujitsu. He also practices Silat Buka Lingkaran (Silat Open Circle) and is currently training to become an instructor there also.

Warrior Garden is a family-society of high level martial artists teaching classes online and in person. Classes are taught by Professor Khari Sekou I as well as other Master/Master Teacher Rank Instructors. Students can train online or in-person and go through the ranking/belt system.

Classes offered include Warrior Fitness (Combat Conditioning), Seishin Kenjutsu (Spirit of the Sword – Way of the Samurai & Ninja), SWAM FuJuKa Boxing (Urban Self Defense), Fannul Harb Jujitsu (The Art of Combat), and Therapeutic Tai Chi. More classes will be added soon.

“I founded Warrior Garden to share the Way of the Warrior with the world. Martial science has had such a profoundly positive impact on my life that I want to share it with other people”, said Professor Khari.

Benefits of martial arts training include: discipline, confidence, heightened awareness, improved health/diet, youth mentorship, improved focus/concentration, comradery, humility, teamwork, and more.

Memberships and more details are available at https://www.warriorgarden.net

About the Founder:

Professor Khari Sekou I is a martial scientist, visionary, published author, gifted speaker, entrepreneur, producer, and composer residing in Atlanta, GA. He has studied martial arts for more than 30 years. He has several projects, compositions, and entrepreneurial ventures that have previously been released. He focuses his energy on leadership roles and is an active member of his community. Due to his martial talents, work ethic, communication skills and positive messages, he is an in-demand seminar host and public speaker. To find out more, please visit the Warrior Garden website.

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