Principal Anton Anthony Speaks about the importance of love in a school environment

Principal Anton Anthony’s vision started from a dream of a field full of hearts so he created it

Principal Anton Anthony states, “time and love is the most important quality we can give to students to produce the expected results.”

Marvin E. Lewis Elementary School’s New Principal and Author, Anton Anthony, Transforms Student Performance with Love

Students remember those who love and support them, and he aims to ensure they feel loved and appreciated at school.”
— Principal Anton Anthony

SPARTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2023 / — Marvin E. Lewis Elementary School, one of the underperforming schools in the state, has been transformed under the leadership of its new principal, Anton Anthony. Anthony believes his spiritual mission is to love and support everyone who walks through the school’s doors. Anthony, also the author of the educational reform novel Loving Education, Restoring the Heart of Education, states he is turning his vision created in the book into a reality.

In pursuit of his mission, Anthony moved to Sparta during the summer and invested his time in creating a field of love at the school. This initiative wasn’t just for Valentine’s Day but for the academic year. Students who exhibit good behavior receive hearts that they can redeem for rewards such as free snow cones, cotton candy, and snacks. This approach has motivated the students to strive for academic excellence, and the results show in their grades, attendance, and i-Ready performance. Anthony states he wants students to be concerned about the love of learning, not about money. That’s why everything is free when they earn incentive hearts.

Anthony’s commitment to transforming the school goes beyond just rewarding students. He has created a safe, loving environment where students feel valued, appreciated, and supported. Anthony’s love-driven approach has enabled the school to provide a nurturing environment where students can focus on learning and achieve their full potential.

According to Anthony, students remember those who love and support them, and he aims to ensure they feel loved and appreciated at school. The students’ love for the school has made them more enthusiastic and committed to learning, reflecting their academic performance.
Anthony’s approach to leadership and transformation at Marvin E. Lewis Elementary School is the difference-maker. He has shown that with love, commitment, and dedication, it is possible to transform an underperforming school into a nurturing environment where students thrive.

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