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Maddy Lee Ann

The actor, model, and musician’s poignant lyrics address the struggles of today’s youth and shed light on mental health issues

ATLANTA, GA, USA, September 9, 2022 / — —With teen suicide rates at an all-time high and the pressures on today’s youth mounting, actor, model, and country music singer-songwriter Maddy Lee Ann is hoping to use her voice to drive change and offer hope for today’s teens. It seems fitting, then, that the young star’s debut single “Numb” has dropped in September, given the month’s designation as Suicide Prevention Month.

“Numb” explores Maddy Lee Ann’s feelings and experiences growing up in the entertainment industry over the past four years. She started modeling and acting at 14, tackling the pressures of highly competitive industries at a vulnerable age that is already very difficult for most young people to navigate—even without the weight of public scrutiny on their shoulders.

In “Numb,” Maddy Lee Ann shares her doubts and negative self-talk with lyrics like, “A blank face staring back at me / Looking for a spark to rescue me from / The little voice that always drags me down.” She also sings about the negativity from the naysayers critical of her dreams: “Erase all those memories of / The haters and the ones that doubted me.”

Maddy Lee Ann wants to let teens know they are not alone and that they are strong and worthy of love.

“Today’s teens face pressures and stressors from so many angles never seen before, including the pandemic, the news, social media, intense political division, and school shootings and violence, and it can become overwhelming,” said Maddy Lee Ann. “I’ve let these factors, as well as the added pressures of the entertainment industry, affect my mental health, and my music is one way I’ve used to try to heal and remind myself that I’m valuable and worthy of love from myself and others. I hope to use my voice for good and to help other teens overcome mental health challenges and discover their worth, too.”

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