MORROW, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, March 16, 2023 / — We are all made up of energy and everything around us is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Because our health and well-being are closely related to our energy, when our energy field is depleted or blocked, this manifests as an emotional, mental, or physical imbalance, which often leads to disease or illness. To experience harmony, every part of us must be free of emotional blocks so that energy can flow evenly through us. For this reason, more people are turning from limiting traditional medicine to alternative ways to heal our mind, body, and soul without the use of drugs or medication, and to alleviate and restore the body’s inherent intelligence to heal.

Lorrett Soul Sister is a top-notch practitioner of Transformational Healing, moving energy through modalities such as Reconnective Healing and Selenite Swords of Light. She is also a clear and perfect divine link of the Holy Spirit and Cosmic Christ Consciousness working with high vibrational energies that are one with the Divine Creator.

“My work is about putting myself in service to humanity and It has been my greatest joy and privilege helping others through Spiritual Counseling, Selenite Swords of Light, and Reconnective Healing. In this work it’s not the healer removing negative energy from a person or place, it’s instead a shift of the vibrational energies from an unhealthy state back to its natural optimal state.

Even as a very young child Lorrett always had a tremendous desire to help others. She felt deeply attuned to Source and God and was gifted with psychic abilities and an amazing ability to see and speak to spirit. She was surrounded by a golden light and melodious music and it became the most incredible life changing experience of her young life. In adulthood, she received her degrees in Human Psychology and school administration then went on to work for many years in the public school system teaching and counseling students. In 2019 when she came across the channels of Lee Carroll/KRYON and Marilyn Harper/ADIRONNDA it impelled her to seek a greater purpose in life as a healer. Her pathway to her life’s work in energetic healing started in 2019 when she came across the work of Dr. Eric Pearl, the founder of Reconnective Healing, and it literally transformed her life. She pursued and acquired her practitioner’s certification to transmit healing and today she has helped hundreds of individuals and empowered them to find self love and renewed hope and wellness.

“Reconnective healing is not a typical modality, it is a direction of energy to individuals open to receiving these healing energies. The results are a deeper understanding in the mental, emotional and physical realm and finding their life begins to FLOW more harmoniously, and become more enlightened. Transformational Healing through Reconnective Healing or The Selenite Swords of Light have allowed freedom from all sorts of chronic conditions that affect our mind, body, and spirit, from conditions such as depression, chronic pain, addictions, cancer, and chronic fatigue.

“Not only do we feel physically better there is also a spiritual transformation of a deeper peace and we become able to deal with our emotions with much more ease, conflicts in their life seem to evaporate, and we have more mental clarity”.

The higher frequencies that move with Reconnective Healing and the Selenite Swords of Light facilitates these frequencies, these energies to interact with our physical bodies and our light bodies. Because everything is energy, this interaction and entrainment brings in the Light, Energy and Information.

That LIGHT, Lorrett says, is pure love allowing us to absorb or listen freely so we are able to communicate with those higher frequencies allowing the energies of the universe to assist in facilitating healing and wellness.

“Having the privilege to do healing work lights me up like a radiant flame bursting with joy and I wholeheartedly feel the infinite love of our Creator. Even if you are going through your darkest moments, I meet you exactly where you are without judgment then allow the energies of your guides to flow fluidly and gently between us to activate your awakening of consciousness, guiding you, providing comfort, direction, and strength. That is my purpose on earth to bring Love, Light and healing to all.”

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