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Official Press Release • May 2023

New Awards for 2023

Patented tech and a focus on quality continues to win worldwide

— Fred Minnick • renowned tasting judge & founder of the ASCOT Awards

CUMMING, GEORGIA, USA, May 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Legends Distillery, also known as “Georgia’s Little Distillery,” has been gaining recognition in the spirit world over the last four years for their award-winning products and innovative technology. Recently, they took the 2023 London International Spirits Competition (IWSC) by storm, winning a total of 9 medals, including 4 gold, 2 silver, and 3 bronze, for the 9 products they entered. They also won 5 more medals in the London Spirits competition, with 1 gold and 4 silver awards for their 5 entered products.

Today, on May 10th, 2023, the American Spirits Council of Tasters (ASCOTS) announced that Legends of Georgia has won 5 more medals. These include Gold awards for Legends Vodka and Legends Yeah C’mon Bourbon, Platinum for Legends Heritage High Rye Bourbon, and Double Platinum for Legends Barrel Proof Wheated Bourbon and Legends Single Barrel Bourbon.

Legends Distillery utilizes their patented “Quantum Purity,” Technology which eliminates up to 65% of some congeners found in alcohol while retaining the full flavor. This technology allows their bourbons to interact with the oak for as long as possible before undergoing the process, filtration, and bottling, resulting in an award-winning spirit. Comparatively, Legends Vodka undergoes a similar process, which is equivalent to 40-60 distillations depending on the congener being tested. After winning the Vodka of the Year award and several gold and platinum awards worldwide, it’s safe to say that this technology works.

Michael Gerard, the founder of Legends of Georgia, is available to answer any questions regarding the distillery’s products and technology. He can be reached at 404-444-8736.

Legends Distillery is proud to represent Georgia in the world of spirits and looks forward to continuing to innovate and produce award-winning products.

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