Jodi Daniels, Bestselling Author and CEO of Red CLover Advisors, Wants to Raise Awareness About Data Privacy

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, January 26, 2023 / — January 28th is National Data Privacy Day, an educational initiative focused on raising awareness among businesses and individuals about the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information. With more and more information being collected by companies, websites, and social media, this is probably one of the more meaningful holidays we could celebrate – as it is a reminder to protect your valuable information from being stolen.

As Data Privacy Day approaches, leading privacy expert and tech entrepreneur Jodi Daniels is celebrating by sharing her best selling book for less than a dollar. Her book, Data Reimagined: Building Trust One Byte at a Time, shares insights on the importance of data privacy and the strategies companies can use to protect their customers’ data while still providing a great user experience.

Daniels, who has inhouse privacy experience building privacy programs and has helped hundreds more since launching her agency, has recently released her bestselling book “Data Reimagined: Building Trust One Byte at a Time,” which has achieved bestseller status within the first month of its release. The book shares strategies for keeping data organized, utilizing data in a better way, and building trust with customers through data privacy practices.

“Data privacy is one of the most important factors for companies looking to build a loyal customer base moving into the next few years,” says Daniels. “My goal is to help companies keep their customers’ data private while still providing a great user experience.”

Daniels is a frequent guest on podcasts, speaks regularly at industry events, and is passionate about helping companies and CEOs navigate the ever-changing landscape of data privacy laws and regulations. She leads her company Red Clover Advisors and helps companies build trust by creating privacy friendly approaches to using data and complying with privacy laws.

“The very nature of privacy makes this a difficult objective, but it’s extremely important for clients to trust the businesses they interact with,” says Daniels. “In today’s world of targeted ads, instant profiles and tracking… it’s actually a big selling point that companies put privacy first, do the right thing and comply.” To learn more about Jodi Daniels and her company Red Clover Advisors, visit her website or check out her LinkedIn. To get a copy of her bestselling book, “Data Reimagined: Building Trust One Byte at a Time,” for only .99 cents, visit

About Jodi Daniels:
Jodi Daniels is a leading privacy expert and entrepreneur who helps companies comply with privacy laws, protect their customers’ data while building trust with customers. She leads her company Red Clover Advisors and regularly gives keynote speeches and podcast appearances across the United States.

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