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Honey Comb Platter, Yin Yang Bowl

ALPHARETTA, GA, US, February 29, 2024 / — Kyuramen, the renowned Japanese ramen chain, is excited to announce the grand opening of its new location at 735 N Main St #1700, Alpharetta, GA 30009. This marks Kyuramen’s third location in Georgia and its continued expansion in the United States, offering authentic and innovative ramen experiences to the heart of Alpharetta.

The decision to open in Alpharetta was driven by the high demand from customers traveling from the area to Kyuramen’s Suwanee location. “Alpharetta’s rapid growth is an ideal setting for Kyuramen to expand,” said Gary Lin, founder of Kyuramen. “We aim to enrich the local food landscape with our unique flavors and provide a new dining experience for the community.”

Kyuramen Alpharetta spans 4,200 square feet and accommodates 110 guests. The restaurant features signature honeycomb seating, enhancing the dining experience with its distinctive design. The menu boasts a variety of ramen options, including the signature Kyuramen, spicy miso ramen, and vegetarian choices, all made with fresh ingredients and homemade noodles.

Alpharetta is among the first Kyuramen locations to offer the following new and signature dishes:
New Yin-Yang Bowl: Allows customers to enjoy two signature flavors in one bowl.
Omurice: Features fluffy eggs and specialized sauces (Demi Glace/Japanese Curry).
Honey Comb Platter: Inspired by the honeycomb seating, offering a variety of tasty bites.
New Appetizers and New Bowls: Katsuobushi Pork Ramen, Deep Fried Gyoza Dumplings, Chilled Tofu, and Lobster Chashu Salad Ball.
More upcoming New dishes: Eel Kamameshi, Seafood Kamameshi, Rice Burger (coming soon – follow @kyuramen.official for latest updates).

To offer an even more unique and thrilling experience for diners, Kyuramen Alpharetta introduces the innovative “New Bowl Lottery Game,” where diners have the chance to win free items by discovering a red stamp at the bottom of their bowl after finishing their soup. This exciting initiative underscores Kyuramen’s commitment to continually rewarding its loyal customers and enhancing the dining experience. The location also features Tbaar, a sister brand bubble tea shop, offering a variety of drinks perfect for pairing with ramen.

With 26 locations nationwide, including three in Georgia, Kyuramen is on a mission to expand its footprint, aiming to open 100 more locations by the end of 2024. This growth is driven by a commitment to sharing the richness of Asian and Japanese culinary culture across the United States. By establishing Kyuramen outlets in each locality, the brand aims to make its superior service and delectable cuisine more accessible to a wider audience. For more information about Kyuramen and its new location in Alpharetta, please visit or follow Kyuramen on social media @kyuramen.official.

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