ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2022 / — This professional grade custom heat transfer vinyl film is an excellent material for transferring custom design and graphics on t-shirts, sportswear, uniforms, caps, bags, and all other types of garments.

Kolormatrix, a prominent company that deals in garment printing equipment and supplies, has recently offered premium quality, professional grade heat transfer vinyl called Easy Cut Printable Soft PU 20”, excellent for the transfer of designs onto garments. The company is well-known among garment printing businesses for its quality equipment supplies, and prompt and credible customer service. For garment printers looking for pre cut heat transfer vinyl designs, this is a great opportunity to procure their needs from a reliable supplier.

Easy Cut Printable Soft PU 20” is the ideal medium for transferring designs on garments. ’PU’ in its name stands for polyurethane and 20” refers to the width of the film. It is very soft, thin, and stretchable that makes the medium feel like part of a garment. The soft touch of the film makes it perfect for use in any kind of garment from sportswear, casual wear, to semi formals. The vinyl film also has excellent ink absorption, easy to cut into precise shapes and sizes, easy to weed, and can be printed with Eco-Solvent inks.

With high elasticity and strong adhesive bonding, Easy Cut Printable Soft PU 20” allows fabrics to retain their natural stretchability even after being applied. It is also incredibly durable having the ability to withstand frequent washing. In fact, it is most ideal for numbering T-shirts, jerseys, shorts, and other garments where durability is required.

Another major feature of Easy Cut Printable Soft PU 20” is its easy application process. To apply the film to garments, it only needs a preheat time of 2 – 5 seconds at a temperature of 285℉ – 302℉ and a press time of 8 to 10 seconds. The minimal application process as well as electricity usage allow even small garment printing businesses with a small team of operators to apply the vinyl tape on a large number of garments in a short time, while saving considerable cost on energy.

Easy Cut Printable Soft PU 20” comes in a wide variety of colors, and can be used on a number of substrates including 100% cotton, 100% uncoated polyester, and poly/cotton blend.

Speaking of the formation of their company, owner Tanya said, “I’ve always loved printing and my partner has over thirty two years of experience in the printing industry. We decided to put our experience, knowledge, and most importantly our passion for printing together and started a business with which we can help small and medium sized garment printing businesses by providing high quality printing equipment and supplies that have been tested and reviewed.”

About Kolormatrix: Kolormatrix is a company that deals in high-quality garment printing equipment and supplies. It keeps an inventory of a large variety of inks, tools, materials, chemicals, and other supplies used in garment printing.

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