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KITTLABS will be hosting a summer Bootcamp designed to help future technologists discover their superpower in technology.

“Our goal is to build equity in a space where equity is viewed as a privilege and not a necessity.”
— ZO DIGGSZ – Co-founder

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2022 / — This summer, KITTLABS will be hosting a summer Bootcamp that will educate the youth on different advanced technology topics. The Bootcamp is designed to help future technologists discover their superpower in technology. Located at 640 North Ave NW suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30318, the tech center is two miles from downtown Atlanta.

It is important for children to be educated on different technology topics because the world is increasingly driven by technology. By understanding how technology works, children can develop a better understanding of the world around them. In addition, they can learn how to use technology to their advantage. For example, by learning how to code, they can create their own websites or games. Or, by learning about digital marketing, they can start their own businesses.

Education on technology doesn’t stop at understanding how it works. It’s also important for children to know how to use technology responsibly. They need to understand the potential implications of their actions and how to avoid exposing themselves or others to risks.

After organizing just over a year ago, KITTLABS has been making its mark as an all-Black co-founded tech company in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of the technology partners helping to make programs possible include: Russell Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Kids Next Code, SQUAD (Supporting Quality Urban Adolescence Dreams), GA TECH CEED, Play the Crowd, Tech Twins, and The Bean Path. With the specialties of the co-founders, youth are able to have access to some of the latest technology tools and resources. This is what will make this Summer Bootcamp so valuable.

KITTLABS recognizes there is a strong misconception in tech amongst non-tech persons – that tech lives almost exclusively in coding, websites, and apps. We all know that tech is everything and there are multiple points of entry. They created a space to create tech immersive spaces where both the tech novice and the tech innovator can co-exist and thrive.

A tech company committed to giving back to the community, they are kicking off their summer $10K for Tech fundraiser. The cost of technology programs can be a barrier for youth, preventing them from accessing important resources and skills. It is important to provide young people with the opportunity to learn about and use cutting-edge technology. By donating to this fundraiser, you will help level the playing field and give all youth the chance to succeed.

Co-Founder, Zach Farley had this today of the importance of Blacks in tech:
“Blacks in tech is important because only through diversity will we be able to solve problems through each person’s viewpoint and perspective. If we are able to gather people from different walks of life and they understand how to solve the unique problems that come from a person of a different culture, we will eventually be able to solve any and every problem that we are encountered.”

For Summer Bootcamp dates, times, and other KITTLAB events, visit their website

KITTLABS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that focuses on building community and providing access to education and innovation in technology. They do this through monthly partnerships and programming geared toward not simply teaching coding and infrastructure fundamentals, but employment and real-world problem-solving solutions. They encourage and foster authentic relationships and representation in their space. Members and partners can be free to express themselves in a more relaxed environment while creating innovative ideas and attending workshops.

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