New designs from Keep Your Hair Headgear include military and civilian-style headwear to “Protect Your Hair If You Care”

ATLANTA , UNITED STATES, October 28, 2021 / — Keep Your Hair Headgear, a certified minority, woman and service-disabled veteran-owned company, today announced the release of its silk-lined military headwear and satin-lined official licensed headwear. The special headgear was recently custom designed for three sororities and two universities, as well as three military services. The soft, static-free fabric significantly improves the health of hair for those who wear hats and caps for fashion or in the military.

There are very few retail stores that offer satin-lined baseball caps and half baseball caps for their customers, so Keep Your Hair Headgear stands out in the headwear market. The company sells silk liners for military hats and official licensed products. Items range from baseball caps and half baseball caps to beanies and more. What differentiates Keep Your Hair Headgear is offering branding through licensing agreements for organizations and, at the same time, supporting diversity and inclusion.

“I started my business to create a solution to 20 years of military headgear drying out my hair and causing breakage,” said CEO and Founder Natasha Hinds. “I am a U.S. Army veteran and, over time, hair issues challenged me. In 2004, I noticed that my military headgear was drying out my hair and causing breakage along my hairline. It occurred to me to add a soft, satin lining to my headgear because I wanted to help protect my hair from the standard, moisture-absorbing fabric in my military headgear. The soft, static-free fabric significantly improved the health of my hair.”

The benefits of silk and satin-lined headwear are to maintain the health and beauty of natural hair for women and men. The protective lining prevents breakage and tangles and helps hair retain its moisture. Hair will be healthier and shinier, and the wearer will see a reduction in hair loss. The silk and satin-lined headwear is comfortable for sensitive skin and, because of that, Keep Your Hair Headgear has participated in programs to provide satin-lined headwear to cancer patients and survivors.

Hinds explained, “When I was assigned to work at a U.S. Embassy in 2013, foreign national employees with similar hair to mine always asked about my hair care regimen. This led to complimentary hair parties on the weekends. In 2015 and 2016, I was invited as the keynote speaker to present on hair care regimens and challenges to a French-speaking audience. When I moved to the DC metro area, I was inspired to start a company to sell silk-lined military headgear. In 2017, Keep Your Hair Headgear became an official business that truly believes in healthy hair care.”

Keep Your Hair Headgear’s goal is to be the number one go-to company for satin and silk-lined headwear for sororities, fraternities, historically black colleges and universities, and the military.

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