Joseph Studios is offering a technology bundle including social media support, SEO, and email marketing to help clients excel in 2023.

ATLANTA, GA, USA, January 31, 2023 / — Recently, Joseph Studios announced a limited-time offer to help those in the tech industry claim critical market share. The agency’s new Tailored Tech Bundle will enable clients to support their marketing efforts and grow their business as the tech sector rebounds from a volatile 2022. The offer ends on February 1, 2023.

The Tailored Tech Bundle helps clients return to growth-centered approaches without overextending marketing and outreach capacity. It includes the services listed below at a discounted cost of $3,870 a month, a nearly 50% reduction from the list price of almost $7,000.

Advanced social media support (tier 1)
Content marketing support for blogs, white papers, or interviews (tier 1)
SEO and website maintenance support (tier 1)
Search and display advertising support (tier 1)
Email marketing (tier 1)

Although many organizations in the tech industry are currently looking to cut costs, Joseph Studios’ deep market insights indicate that this sector is positioned for rapid expansion in 2023. Already, these insights are being demonstrated in the real world by the increase in global IT spending, manual process transformation, and the surging popularity of artificial intelligence.

“Many organizations don’t realize they’re still in ‘stealth mode,’” said Daniel Klein, CEO of Joseph Studios. “During the pandemic, businesses had to cut costs and emphasize the importance of process maintenance. However, now is the time to shift to a growth mentality and focus on making revenue rather than just reducing expenses.”

In the coming months, Joseph Studios will collaborate with tech clients to set up a long-term marketing and growth strategy based on the client’s niche, goals, and the volatility of the market. Through this implementation tactic, businesses will not be forced to hire costly internal marketing or outreach personnel and can instead rely on Joseph Studios’ expert team while devising their roadmaps for the rest of 2023.

You can learn more about this special offer by scheduling a free consultation on the Joseph Studios website.

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