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Maintenance-Free with an Industry Leading Warranty and Lead Time, INVICTA is the Most Cost-Effective Solution for Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction Compliance

FAYETTEVILLE, GA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 25, 2024 / — As the mandatory compliance deadline for the Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction Rule approaches, airlines and aircraft operators are seeking reliable and cost-effective solutions to meet the stringent requirements set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). To address this need, Jetaire Group, a renowned aviation safety engineering and aerospace manufacturing firm, developed INVICTA™, the industry’s leading non-mechanical alternative to nitrogen-generating systems.

Fuel tank flammability poses a significant risk in aviation, especially when an ignition source ignites fuel vapors in the ullage space. To mitigate this risk, several solutions have emerged in the market. One of the most widely adopted options for compliance with the Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction (FTFR) rule and FAA airworthiness directives is the use of highly complex, mechanical systems that inert nitrogen gas into the fuel tanks. However, these nitrogen-generating systems (NGS) come with their own set of challenges. They are not only expensive to install and maintain but also have proven to be unreliable in terms of long-term functionality. Recognizing these limitations, Jetaire Group has developed INVICTA™, a patented non-mechanical solution that effectively reduces the incidence of fuel tank explosions.

INVICTA™ utilizes Jetaire’s proprietary Reticulated Polyurethane Foam (RPF), which acts as a three-dimensional skeletal matrix, suppressing fuel ignition caused by various external factors. Unlike nitrogen-generating systems, INVICTA™ does not rely on complex machinery and offers a straightforward installation process that can be completed within days. The credibility of INVICTA™ stems from its industry-wide adoption by commercial and private aircraft operators of both Boeing and Airbus aircraft in over a dozen countries worldwide. Safair, WestJet, Allegiant, and other renowned airlines have chosen INVICTA™ as their preferred pathway to compliance.

With approximately 35 countries requiring pre-2012 Boeing and Airbus aircraft to be modified with a flammability reduction means (FRM), INVICTA™ stands as a proven solution, providing the highest level of safety and compliance. It holds the only utility patent for the use of reticulated polyurethane foam as an ignition mitigation means in commercial aircraft.

Marking Jetaire Group’s commitment to elevating aviation safety, INVICTA™ offers a cost-effective alternative to nitrogen-generating systems and exceeds the requirements of airworthiness directives such as Airbus AD 2019-24-01 and Boeing AD 2020-18-13.

As the aviation industry looks towards achieving fuel tank flammability reduction, Jetaire Group and INVICTA™ remain at the forefront, providing aircraft operators with innovative, reliable, and compliant solutions. With a deep understanding of the industry’s challenges, Jetaire ensures that INVICTA™ meets the highest safety standards, delivering peace of mind to the aviation community.

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