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Williams Exemplifies the High Caliber Alumni of SSU and the Impact of Historic Black Colleges and Universities Globally

This gala is not only a celebration of our university’s legacy but also a testament to the power of HBCU education and its transformative impact.”
— Michael Williams

FAYETTEVILLE, GA, USA, April 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jetaire is proud to announce the appointment of Michael Williams as the co-chair for the upcoming Savannah State University 25th Anniversary Scholarship Gala. With his impressive background in aviation safety and dedication to educational initiatives, Williams brings a wealth of expertise and passion to this prestigious event.

As the founder and CEO of Jetaire, a global leader in aviation support systems, Williams has played a pivotal role in enhancing aviation safety worldwide. Over the firm’s 39-year history, Jetaire has obtained numerous major design approvals and FAA certifications for commercial and corporate aircraft, cementing its position as an industry leader. Williams’s commitment to safety is rooted in a personal experience when he narrowly escaped a tragic aviation accident in 1982. This incident fueled his determination to improve safety measures within the industry, ultimately leading to the establishment of Jetaire.

Under Williams’s leadership, Jetaire’s groundbreaking innovation, INVICTA, a reticulated polyurethane foam solution for ignition mitigation, has been widely recognized by aviation regulatory agencies globally. This revolutionary technology has protected aircraft around the world and saved countless lives from fuel tank explosions. Williams’s dedication to safety and his contributions to the aviation industry have earned him several accolades, including the prestigious 2021 EPPS Aviation Lifetime Achievement Award. Furthermore, Jetaire received the distinguished GLOBE award in 2020 from the Georgia Department of Economic Development for meeting global demand. In 2019, Jetaire was a proud recipient of the Entrepreneur 360 list recognition, highlighting their growth, innovation, and legacy-building capabilities.

In addition to his remarkable career achievements, Williams values education and actively seeks opportunities to inspire and educate young minds about the world of aviation. His passion for aviation extends beyond his work, as he enjoys flying his own aircraft and engaging with the next generation of aviation professionals. It is this deep commitment to education and passion for aviation that made him the ideal choice as the co-chair for Savannah State University’s 25th Anniversary Scholarship Gala.

The scholarship gala, scheduled for May 4, 2024, will be a momentous occasion, celebrating 25 years of academic excellence and providing much-needed financial aid to deserving students. Williams’s involvement in this event underscores Savannah State University’s commitment to fostering collaboration between industry leaders and academia to unlock new opportunities for students pursuing careers in aviation.

“This gala is not only a celebration of our university’s legacy but also a testament to the power of HBCU education and its transformative impact,” said Williams.

The 25th Anniversary Scholarship Gala promises to be a memorable event as Savannah State University acknowledges its remarkable journey and recognizes the individuals who have played an instrumental role in its success. With Michael Williams’s unwavering dedication to aviation safety and education, the gala is expected to be an inspiring and enriching experience for all attendees.

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