Stan Tucker on the set of The Very Airy Library

Zac Brown Band member, Coy Bowles, visits The Very Airy Library to share his new children’s book, Behind the Little Red Door.

Stan welcomes young author, Kaitlin McKoy, to The Very Airy Library along with your sign language interpreter, Brenda French.

Stan talks to young author, Farrah Allidina, about her book, Bouncing Around.

DMC from Run-DMC to appear on new children’s show that puts reading, writing, and representation center stage

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2022 / — “When a child is asked, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ I want to add AUTHOR to that list.” says Stan Tucker, the inspiration and host of The Very Airy Library. Stan Tucker is the founder of Leap for Literacy, a non-profit with a mission of promoting literacy and kindness.

Stan Tucker loved bringing his literacy message to schools but when the pandemic hit, after-school programs all around the county had to close their doors. This meant that Stan could no longer visit in person. Undeterred, he decided to pivot to an online presence, creating a simple Youtube show called, Stories With Stan.

Before too long, Stories With Stan evolved into The Very Airy Library. “Nowadays, most kids don’t know what an author is, let alone dream that they could ever become one. However, The Very Airy Library is hoping to change that. We are an independent children’s show dedicated to instilling a passion for reading and writing in a diverse community of young people. Most importantly, we want to give kids a new dream to pursue – one that can literally take them anywhere.” says Stan.

Stan is a firm believer that the mission of The Very Airy Library is essential to our children and our society. “Without shows like this, kids of all backgrounds could miss out on the chance to see themselves represented on screen,” he continues. “We take a lot of care to ensure our guests come from all walks of life and represent a diverse array of backgrounds.” In its inaugural season, the show welcomed a total of (4) professional authors and (6) young authors, with its season one finale garnering over 85k views on Youtube. The show has even attracted the attention of some well-known entertainment companies. “We are very proud of our first season, but we are even more excited for season 2!” says Stan. The second season of The Very Airy Library will welcome children’s authors from all over the country, including; Coy Bowles of the Zac Brown Band, James Dean (creator of Pete the Cat), Karyn Parson (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), and DMC of Run-DMC.

Despite the show’s quick success, there are still some obstacles. “We are seeing tremendous growth right now but, unfortunately, the Youtube ad revenue for children’s content is virtually non-existent.” says co-producer Matthew Young. “We have decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign for season 2.” CAMPAIGN LINK

The campaign begins on Tuesday, August 9th, and continues until September 13th. Backers will have an opportunity to get a limited edition copy of the first The Very Airy Library children’s book among several other exclusive backer rewards. By launching a crowdfunding campaign, Stan and his production team hope to invite audiences along for the ride. “If this Kickstarter ends up unsuccessful, it could be difficult to keep The Very Airy Library going,” Stan says. “But we have faith that our audience will show up.”

Stan Tucker is available for interviews. The Kickstarter campaign contains more information about the show as well as images:

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