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The ultimate Roadmap To Success helping entrepreneur-minded minorities create wealth.

MeChat Universe’ Roadmap To Success makes it fun, inclusive, and flexible to focus on starting a business by infusing financial education with purpose, profits, and environmental conditions.”
— Antonio James

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / — MeChat Universe, America’s fastest growing financial literacy game, announces the addition of a new product, Roadmap To Success.

The Roadmap To Success generates excitement and awareness around financial literacy, adds personal finance as a core competency to everyday life, and supports third-party initiatives that deliver basic financial education and training to every community & school district in the country.

In addition to Financial Literacy, MeChat Universe will use the Roadmap To Success to expand business ownership in minority communities by offering a step-by-step guide to start a business, all without leaving the game.

While Black America represent 12.8% of the U.S. population, only 2.4% are business owners. In comparison, 86.5% of U.S. businesses have white owners.

In addition to low business ownership, Forbes reported, over half of black Americans live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to manage their finances, leaving them in a constant state of economic uncertainty and significant health conditions including stress, heart disease, diabetes, sleep problems and depression.

The lack of financial stability is also costing employers nearly $300 billion annually in lost productivity due to 97% of employees (white and black) admitting to spending significant time working on or worrying about finances at work.

The new Roadmap To Success spurs financial security and economic growth in low income communities by showing users how to use their skills to create wealth by starting a business, managing its finances, and even exit the business once the business serves it purpose.

Plus, the Roadmap To Success easily integrates with MeChat Universe other online educational tools, which engages and entertains emerging entrepreneurs though the power of storytelling, interactive courses, calculators, videos, and other content to help users visualize starting a business and reach their financial goals.

“MeChat Universe’s Roadmap To Success makes it fun, inclusive, and flexible to focus on starting a business by infusing financial education with purpose, profits, and environmental conditions,” said the game’s creator Antonio James, “Users who take advantage of the Roadmap will take control of their financial freedom by setting up emergency funds, venturing into investing, negotiating deals, and expanding their overall understanding of business and financial matters.”

MeChat Universe officially launches July 3, 2023, yet is valued at $30 million with 400 business owners and over $1 million in investments.

With MeChat Universe new Roadmap To Success students, employees, and residents will have the opportunity to hedge against inflation, financial hardships, and poor financial decisions as MeChat Universe becomes the pathway to financial stability, flexibility and security in the lives of everyday Americans.

To invest in MeChat Universe or to join our coalition of incubators and investors ensuring the Roadmap To Success has the tools and knowledge to help users become more financially fit in all aspects of their lives and achieve financial independence in any economic environment go to www.MeChat.Us and choose the character that represents your level of investment and gameplay.

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About MeChat Universe
MeChat Universe is one of the nation’s leading financial literacy programs and offers support and resources that can be used inside or outside the classroom or workplace. Founded in Atlanta, MeChat Universe financial education is designed to maximize user engagement of all backgrounds, from students, investors to employees. MeChat Universe prepares users for income management such as budgeting, economics, accounting, credit, home ownership, ethics, business culture, fraud awareness, and creating a healthy financial future. Users who graduate from the program can take full advantage of MeChat Universe expensive business network.

About Antonio James
Antonio James is a Hollywood Film Director and celebrity business coach that invests in financial wellness programs that reduces factors holding minorities back, including barriers to education, vocational training, financial services and employment opportunities. When Antonio is not filmmaking, Mr. James collaborates with leaders to join forces and rethink how literacy can be delivered to minority communities for little to no cost, while helping emerging entrepreneurial dreamers become small business owners.

Antonio James
MeChat Universe
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