a SaaS (Software as a Service) collaboration and communication tool.

A new, user-friendly targeted content sharing mobile solution with just the essential features such as chat, video conferencing, survey creation, and many more.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — As remote work gains more prominence, the need for simple, cost-effective communication and collaboration software has never been more important. Research shows team building and effective collaboration is the highest-ranked aspect of a great workplace according to a recent survey. So to empower organizations, government agencies, and NGOs to succeed in today’s digital-first world, APEK Group releases JAVAT 365, a new digital collaboration tool.

Short for Just A Very Awesome Team All Year Round, JAVAT 365, brings teams closer together and offers a quicker, more comprehensive way for them to collaborate.

“In simple terms, JAVAT 365 is software as a service, offering a huge saving advantage and simpler method to collaborate with information consumers within and outside your organization by reassessing and leveraging your existing licenses,” says Yemi Bakre, APEK Group’s Practice Lead.

With JAVAT 365, organizations now have unlimited access to:

– Sharing rich media content with ease
– Creating and publishing news-worthy articles, documents and surveys.
– Creating private and/or public groups to foster smooth, effective collaboration among teams
– Instant mobile push notifications to alert users of important information
– Private and group chats with video conferencing option for focused conversations
And lots more

What’s more, JAVAT 365 manages users’ access, data in compliance with business standards and ensures data security by leveraging AWS infrastructures. Also, users can send and receive emails over a secured platform with 10GB of mail storage and anti-spam filters.

In addition, companies have the option to white label the software by customizing it with their logo, branding, and identity.

JAVAT 365 boasts of its ability to cut collaboration services licenses cost up to 95% by having an introductory per user license cost of $2/user/Month.

APEK Group is working round the clock to ensure more features are added and look to their customers for feedback on how JAVAT 365 can serve them better.

“It’s an amazing and innovative tool to drive employee productivity and organizational efficiency, especially for organization with a lot of front line workers who don’t need to manage heavy back-end functions, but require only the essential elements of a productivity tool for internal and external collaboration.” – says Toye Oyewunmi, Group Head, Digital Transformation at Venture Gardens Group’s

Beginning today, any organization can sign up on JAVAT 365 website to start for free. All organizations are encouraged to have their users download the app on Google Play Store or Apple Store to get connected. For those interested in learning more and speaking with the product team, register for the March 8th 2022 product-led webinar here: https://bit.ly/3GYKJbe

About JAVAT 365

JAVAT 365 is a SaaS (Software as a Service) collaboration and communication tool that offers a cost-effective, user-friendly target content sharing mobile solution, making it easy for organizations to communicate with information consumers. To learn more about the product, visit https://www.javat365.com.

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