ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 2, 2024 / — Icarus Consulting, a trailblazer in fostering inclusive corporate cultures, has been awarded the illustrious 2023 Best of Georgia Award. This honor reflects the high esteem and customer satisfaction garnered through their dedicated service in business and HR consulting training.

Dr. Shelton Goode, the founder and CEO of Icarus Consulting, and his team have carved out a niche in the consulting landscape, setting themselves apart with a mission that transcends the conventional. They strive to unlock human potential and elevate organizations by nurturing a diverse workforce where every individual is valued. “Our mission is to help organizations soar to new heights of excellence through the power of inclusion, making sure every employee, regardless of their background, is an integral part of our client’s success,” asserts Dr. Goode.

Icarus Consulting’s unique approach to client engagement — customized, knowledgeable, and industry-specific — has made them pioneers in leading businesses to leverage change for a competitive edge. “Change is a constant, and our role is to equip our partners with the strategies to thrive within it,” says Dr. Goode.

The company’s global reach, emanating from its Atlanta headquarters, is powered by a diverse network of experts committed to delivering world-class service. They believe diversity and inclusion are superpowers that drive equity and transformation, not just in business but in society at large.

Icarus Consulting’s comprehensive suite of services includes workforce planning, culture assessments, leadership development, training on unconscious bias, and transforming employee resource groups into strategic business allies. Each solution is meticulously tailored to overcome the unique challenges faced by their clients.

As a certified minority and veteran-owned enterprise, Icarus Consulting infuses every project with a depth of understanding and personal commitment that has built them a reputation as not just consultants but as indispensable, trusted advisors.

Their collaborative efforts with a myriad of industries have consistently fostered diverse and inclusive work environments that directly contribute to their client’s financial and organizational growth. Their influential strategies in recruitment, succession planning, supplier diversity, community engagement, and philanthropic endeavors underscore their commitment to cultivating diversity, equity, and inclusion at every organizational level.

Under Dr. Goode’s leadership, recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 10 D&I Trailblazers, Icarus Consulting has become synonymous with innovative diversity and inclusion practices that shape the future of the workplace.

“Our vision is clear: to champion a workplace environment that celebrates every form of diversity, fostering a culture of equity and inclusion that resonates with every stakeholder,” concludes Dr. Goode.

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