Howard Michael Gowen understands the medical benefits of massage therapy

Howard Michael Gowen Looked at Why You Should Turn to Massage Therapy

ATHENS, GEORGIA, USA, October 21, 2021 / — As a massage therapist, Howard Michael Gowen understands the medical benefits of massage therapy. For this reason, he recently discussed reasons for turning to this form of therapy. He highlighted massage’s ability to act as preventative medicine. It is no surprise that over 51 million United States citizens explored massage therapy during visits to a physician in 2018.

Howard B. Gowen attributed increased interest in the practice to solid evidence supporting its effectiveness. Many people rely on the practice to enhance wellness and manage various ailments, including back pain. Therapists help relieve pain and suffering by manipulating soft tissues. They use wide-ranging techniques to achieve specific objectives. These techniques include classical or Swedish massage, clinical massage, and sports massage.

Massage Benefits
Adopting therapeutic massage as a key component of a healthy lifestyle is vital to enhancing overall wellness. Howard Michael Gowen recommends the practice to anyone looking for short- or long-term relief with various medical conditions.

Stress Reduction
Stress is a common problem in America and globally. Millions of people grapple with chronic stress, forcing individuals to seek effective solutions. Stress reduction helps mitigate the risk of developing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and depression. Thankfully, massage therapy is a viable option when looking to reduce stress.

Many physicians recognize the significant stress reduction benefits of therapeutic massage. Thus, they recommend the practice to patients suffering from chronic stress. This type of therapy reduces cortisol, a problematic stress hormone, by manipulating soft tissues.

Boosting the Immune System
Therapeutic massage helps the body increase the production of the so-called natural killer cells. In doing so, therapy bolsters the body’s ability to perform critical immune functions. Additionally, the practice minimizes the levels of active cortisol. This hormone is hostile to natural killer cells. By reducing cortisol, massage therapy indirectly boosts the immune system. The body requires the combined potency of natural killer cells and white blood cells to fend off infections.

Improve Muscle Flexibility
Howard Michael Burnham Gowen recommends massage therapy to anyone looking to improve muscle flexibility. He says the practice ensures optimal oxygen circulation and blood flow. In turn, muscle tightness paves the way for flexibility, particularly for older adults. Therapy also boosts flexibility by lengthening tissue, improving posture, form, and function.

Pain Reduction
Another key benefit of therapeutic massage is reducing pain in various parts of the body. The practice is useful to people experiencing joint and muscle pain. It provides an effective way to desensitize trigger points. In addition, therapy minimizes mind-body hypersensitivity associated with chronic pain. Pain reduction is vital when looking to enhance the quality of life and boost mobility.

Improved Sleep Patterns
Better sleep is vital for maintaining overall wellness. The best part is that massage therapy promotes mental relaxation by counteracting stress. Howard Michael Gowen says a stressed individual is more likely to experience poor sleep patterns. With massage, the body increases serotonin production. This neurotransmitter generates a substantial feel-good factor and increases melatonin for better sleep.

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