Shortly after the successful rezoning of Infamous Whiskey’s downtown property, CEO Lorenze Tremonti and the Greensboro, Georgia City Council commemorate the moment with a photo.

Concept Art of Infamous Whiskey Inc. street front property located in Downtown Greensboro at 208 East Broad Street, Greensboro, GA 30642

The Infamous Whiskey Team at the 2024 Orlando Whiskey Festival

New zoning allows distillery to set up operations to manufacture their line of spirits

Today Infamous Whiskey, Greensboro, and Greene County add to the history of an area that was once infamous for being the southeast’s largest producer of illicit moonshine during the prohibition era.”
— Lorenze Tremonti, CEO Infamous Whiskey

GREENSBORO, GEORGIA, USA, April 16, 2024 / — Craft distillery Infamous Whiskey announces the successful rezoning of the property they purchased for their corporate headquarters located at 208 East Broad Street in downtown Greensboro, Georgia. After unanimous approval from the Downtown Development Authority, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the City Council, the property is now zoned as a Commercial Planned Unit Development District (CPUD). This will allow Infamous Whiskey, Inc. to create, ferment, distill, age, and bottle their line of spirits and also to host a retail gift shop, maintain office space, and allow for other functions necessary to operate their distillery.

“Today is a day of celebration for our company and the city of Greensboro. The approval of our rezoning request is a major step forward in the process of building Infamous Whiskey’s brick and mortar home. It’s very exciting to finally experience the culmination of all the hard work that so many people have invested to get us to this point,” said Infamous Whiskey president Mark Matuszek.

By joining the historic and charming community of Greensboro, Georgia, Infamous Whiskey’s distillery will provide a new exciting destination for both residents and guests to enjoy and will also invite additional tourists to experience all that Greensboro has to offer including the charming historic homes, nostalgic downtown shopping, the storied cemetery, the Old Gaol, and the history of resident Sheriff L.L. Wyatt’s war on the local prohibition-era moonshine business; as well as the Ritz Carlton, boating, fishing, and the numerous luxury golf courses.

As a city is synonymous with a distillery’s brand, the Infamous Whiskey team works to promote Greensboro, Georgia alongside their forthcoming distillery at numerous NASCAR tracks while sponsoring the #15 NASCAR Truck for TRICON Garage, in various national press releases and publications, through popular bourbon enthusiast podcast appearances, online on their website and social media accounts, and to the thousands of guests at the 2024 Orlando Whiskey Festival in Orlando, Florida. Additionally, every bottle of spirits on store shelves will proudly include “Product of Greensboro, Georgia” on the label.

“Today Infamous Whiskey, Greensboro, and Greene County add to the history of an area that was once infamous for being the southeast’s largest producer of illicit moonshine during the prohibition era. Roughly a century later, we are getting ready to build a distillery – legally – directly across the street from the former location of legendary Sheriff L.L. Wyatt’s office. History has come full circle. We’re all proud to open Infamous Whiskey as one of only a handful of fully operational commercially distributed distilleries in the state. With the help of all the talented community leaders and business people in the area, we look forward to building Infamous Whiskey up in our city. We’re humbled and thankful that the city embraced our mission and gave us the support we needed to get our property rezoned,” said CEO Lorenze Tremonti.

Now that the property has been rezoned as CPUD, Infamous Whiskey can begin filing for the licenses, permits, and other approvals needed to begin construction, to produce and sell products, as well as initiate the next stage of investor fundraising.

“While there is still a lot of work to be done, the successful rezoning of our property is a big accomplishment. We believe with our experienced leadership team and with the city’s support, we will successfully complete our project plans on schedule. We are grateful to the beautiful city of Greensboro and its leadership for all their efforts to complete our rezoning. We look forward to all we will accomplish together,” said Chairman and CFO Peter M. Allen.

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