WestsideMed offers comprehensive earwax removals

Atlanta urgent care, WestsideMed, helps potential patients avoid using cotton swabs in the ear and promotes a comprehensive ear cleaning to stay healthy.

When in doubt, contact your healthcare provider. Atlanta urgent cares can easily remove earwax blockages if you’re in a pinch and need quick and efficient health care.”
— Ariel Esteves

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Atlanta urgent care, WestsideMed, provides patients with a crucial way to keep healthy: in-depth earwax removal.

The team of medical providers, led by WestsideMed founder and Atlanta emergency medicine and family nurse practitioner Ariel Esteves, provides many crucial medical services for people who can’t wait.

Allowing patients to skip long waits in a hospital emergency room, the Atlanta urgent care offers services to people with non-life-threatening emergencies. This vital function of urgent care clinics nationwide relieves a burden on the already clogged medical system.

That’s why, if patients experience ear pain and discomfort brought about by excess earwax, earwax removal is essential to a return to normal.
Earwax Removal Services In Atlanta

Earwax buildup creates numerous issues. Along with ear pain, hearing loss, tinnitus, and dizziness, an abundance of earwax can quickly sideline anyone.

Esteves goes over a typical earwax removal in her Atlanta urgent care clinic.

“First, the doctor may use the aforementioned curet to dig out the wax. This standard practice involves the medical professional digging out wax manually. Depending on the situation, Atlanta medical providers can also use syringes with hydrogen peroxide to help. The syringe helps irrigate the ear, effectively flushing out the now-softened wax.”

Depending on the severity of the ear canal blockage, doctors may prescribe ear drops to help with any issues after the cleaning.

But patients need not worry about lingering effects from the routine procedure.

“Another thing to note: a patient’s ears may have sensitivity immediately following the cleaning, so don’t worry.”

The Problem With Cotton Swabs

Q-tips, the famous brand of cotton swab, has been known to help remove earwax. However, all medical professionals are in agreement: Q-tips create more problems than they solve. Due to conflicting marketing decades ago, people have been misusing the famous cotton swab.

“In fact, Unilever includes an explicit warning message not to use them for their most popular use. Unfortunately for Q-tips and people who misuse them, the idea of using Q-tips to remove earwax has taken hold.”

Instead of adequately removing earwax in seconds, Q-tips can actually make a blocked ear even worse, pushing earwax further back into the ear canal.

“When someone uses a Q-tip, it encourages further Q-tip use. Here’s how it works,” explains Esteves. “Each time someone removes earwax with a Q-tip, it leaves dry skin. Dry skin itches, and people are tempted to further itch with these signature swabs.”

Esteves then points out that it turns out people don’t even need to use cotton swabs in the first place.

“But does one need to remove earwax on their own? No, since ears are self-cleaning. So regular Q-tip use is unnecessary.”

In short, Esteves joins the ranks of medical professionals who condemn the at-home use of Q-tips to remove earwax. Likewise, there are alternative earwax removal methods that people should also avoid.

Avoid Alternative Treatments

Cotton swabs aren’t the only method to avoid. Popular alternative earwax removal options, like ‘ear candling,’ are popular ways people attempt to alleviate earwax buildup.

“Does ear candling work? Although this method seems straightforward and fairly easy, people should avoid it. Advocates say that the heat softens the wax inside the ear canal, but the risks associated with ear candling are too significant. For example, ash can burn the skin, or compound existing earwax buildup problems, leaving patients in a worse spot than before.”

In fact, studies have shown that ear candling creates more problems than it solves. The results were plain in a 2007 medical study in Canada by Rafferty, Davis, and Tsikoudas.

“[Ear candling’s] claimed mechanism of action has not been verified, no positive clinical effect has been reliably recorded, and it is associated with considerable risk. No evidence suggests that ear candling is an effective treatment for any condition. On this basis, we believe it can do more harm than good and we recommend that GPs discourage its use.”

And overall, Esteves and her team emphasize that unless patients are consulting a medical professional, it’s not a prudent move to remove wax on their own. And especially when using improvised methods and tools to do so.

“Using improvised tools to remove wax and ear candling isn’t safe or effective. And with the ears, people can’t afford to be counterintuitive”

Taking Action To Prevent Ear Problems

“When in doubt, contact a healthcare provider. Atlanta urgent cares can easily remove earwax blockages if patients are in a pinch and need quick and efficient health care,” says Esteves.

Again, Esteves and her team of medical providers urge patients not to depend on Q-tips or any alternative treatments, as they could cause further ear damage and skin damage.

But earwax removal is only one essential service WestsideMed provides its patients. When someone needs an EKG reading or a quick urgent care x-ray when a sprained ankle or broken bone arises, the dedicated team is prepared for nearly any sudden emergency.

Esteves urges potential patients to be proactive about their health.

“Whether it’s an annual physical or a quick x-ray, urgent care and primary care doctors in Atlanta can provide these medical staples. Don’t sit in pain with excess earwax blockages; contact WestsideMed for quick and efficient service.”

Ariel Esteves
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