Health Connect America and Georgia HOPE Employees Volunteer Across Georgia for “Day of Giving”

DALTON, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2024 / — In a heartfelt response to the Family Centered Treatment Foundation’s (FCTF) Annual Day of Giving, Health Connect America and Georgia HOPE proudly participated in a series of volunteer activities across Georgia on March 1st. This initiative underscores our commitment to the FCTF’s mission of keeping families together and children safe at home through evidence-based practices.

A Day of Unity and Giving Back

Health Connect America and Georgia HOPE, as FCT Practitioners, mobilized their workforce in Georgia to engage in various acts of kindness and community service. Employees dedicated their time and efforts to make a significant impact through activities such as cleaning and organizing at Roots Thrift Store in Ellijay, grounds keeping at Eagle Ranch in Flowery Branch, food assistance at Helping Hands in Paulding County, food distribution preparation at Forever Fed in Woodstock, agricultural tasks at True Living Well in Atlanta, serving lunch at Safe House Ministries in Columbus, organizing donations at Project Life in Augusta, preparing dinner at the Salvation Army in Augusta, packing essential items for children with P.A.C.K in Savannah, and supporting a Blood Drive in Woodstock with the American Red Cross, showcasing the power of collective action and the spirit of giving.

Empowering Communities, One Act at a Time

The FCT Foundation champions the belief that “the power of giving is greater than the joy of receiving” (Norbert Harms). Aligning with this philosophy, our teams across Georgia embraced the opportunity to contribute creatively and meaningfully to their communities.

“In celebrating the Family Centered Treatment Foundation’s Annual Day of Giving, we at Health Connect America are reminded of the profound impact that collective acts of kindness can have on our communities. This day aligns perfectly with our mission to foster healing and unity, not just within families, but across entire communities.” Kristi Shain, CEO of Health Connect America.

About the FCT Foundation’s Day of Giving

Marking the 30th anniversary of Family Centered Treatment’s official incorporation, the FCT Foundation has designated March 3rd as the annual FCT Day of Giving. This day encourages all individuals associated with FCT, from families to staff and board members, to participate in acts of giving. Health Connect America and Georgia HOPE’s early participation on March 1st highlights our enthusiasm and commitment to this cause, setting a precedent for community engagement and support.

“Participating in this day of giving allows us to extend our reach beyond traditional care settings, touching lives in a direct and meaningful way. It’s a powerful reminder that at the heart of every community lies the potential for immense positive change, driven by simple acts of generosity and compassion.” Scott Martin, COO of Health Connect America

Join Us in Celebrating the Power of Giving

Health Connect America and Georgia HOPE invite the community to join us in reflecting on the day’s activities and the profound impact of our collective efforts. We encourage sharing stories of giving on social media using #FCTdayofgiving and #HCAdayofgiving to inspire others and spread positivity far and wide.

“We invite everyone to share in this celebration of giving, to experience the joy that comes from making a positive difference in someone’s life. Let’s come together to spread kindness and light in our communities. Your participation, your story, can inspire countless others to give. This is the essence of the #FCTdayofgiving and #HCAdayofgiving, and we’re excited to see the waves of change we can create together.” – Jordan Labiosa, Director of Marketing and Communications, Health Connect America

Looking Forward

As we look ahead, Health Connect America and Georgia HOPE remain dedicated to supporting the principles of the Family Centered Treatment Foundation and fostering a culture of giving and community support. We are excited to continue this tradition of giving and to see how our acts of kindness can transform communities in Georgia and beyond.

For more information about Health Connect America and Georgia HOPE’s participation in the FCT Day of Giving and our services in Georgia, please contact Morgan Sadler at, 770-776-7973.

About Health Connect America

Health Connect America is a leading provider of mental and behavioral health services, offering comprehensive care and support to children, adults, and families. As an FCT Practitioner, we are committed to evidence-based practices that promote healing, family unity, and community well-being.

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