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Ever thought how to showcase your apparel for a successful sale? Professional product photographer can easily achieve this with their skills and experience.

EtherArts is a professional product photography studio in Atlanta, GA. It is highly recommended by companies across industries, like jewelry, apparel, products, cosmetics, industrial and more.”
— Aarti Rane- EtherArts

ATLANTA, GA, USA, May 27, 2022 / — For a long time, mannequins have been an important prop for product photography. However, as the eCommerce industry is evolving, sellers are looking for ways to grab shoppers’ attention. Mannequins, while important to give products their shape, can also be distracting.

Aarti , a professional product photographer Atlanta for more than a decade at EtherArts Product Photography, explains, “Without a doubt, mannequins make product images more professional and consistent. But I have found that when we create a ghost mannequin effect for product images, customers are more desirous about the product.”

For eCommerce businesses, product photography is important. Around 75% of online shoppers decide whether to buy a product or not based on the quality of the product. Ghost mannequin photography is becoming an efficient and cost-effective way to promote products to online buyers.

“The challenge for the eCommerce apparel business is tough. Apparel can’t be put on shelves or a table and clicked. Such images won’t appeal to the customer. This is why brands spend a fortune hiring models for apparel product photography. Ghost mannequin photography can get the same results for sellers without the added expense of models. We have mastered the art of cheap apparel photographer

What is Ghost Mannequin Photography?
Ghost mannequin photography is becoming popular because it gives customers a better idea of the product without any distractions. The ghost mannequin effect is also known as the invisible mannequin effect. It is because the product photographer Atlanta removes the mannequin during post-processing retouching. The final image is a hallow representation of the actual shape and size of the product. As there is no need to hire models, such product photography in Atlanta is more cost-effective.

The success of any eCommerce business revolves around building intimate connections with customers. Sellers can create a more relatable and memorable user experience with ghost mannequin photography.

Tips for the best Ghost Mannequin Photography shots
Aarti shares her insights on how the best product images can be created using the ghost mannequin technique.
Pick the correct mannequin based on the product
“It is important that a properly sized mannequin is selected for eCommerce product photography. A good fit is important to highlight the details and bring out the best of the apparel,” says Aarti
While it is not possible to have different sizes of mannequins that perfectly fit the garments, photographers are advised to use pins and clips to get the best possible fitting.
Plan according to the requirement of the product
A shoot is done in mind before it is done in a physical space. Aarti advises imagining shoot visually to determine what all things will be needed. A camera, tripod, lights, mannequins, and clips are some basic requirements for product photography Atlanta.

To create relatable ghost mannequin apparel photos, it is important to maintain the symmetry of the garment. A simple trick is to keep the shoulders of the mannequin at the same level. It will make the garment appear visually appealing.
“At EtherArts, we have studio facilities for shooting the ghost mannequin photographs at different angles and distances. It is particularly important for garment photography. Close-up images help customers get the idea of the garment’s fabric,” adds Aarti

Set up the camera and the equipment correctly
For eCommerce, it is best to hire a professional product photographer Atlanta who knows what will be the best camera settings to capture the essence of a product. It is crucial for photographers who are new to product photography to understand the basic camera parameters.

To capture the fabric of the garment in detail, the aperture of the camera lens must be set to higher values. A value between f/8 to f/12 is recommended.

If a photographer uses artificial lights for product photography, a high ISO setting (~600) is necessary to reduce noise and grey spots. However, it is best to use natural light for garment ghost mannequin photography. It provides top-quality luminance that helps take the best quality pictures.

Another basic setting to set is the shutter speed. Based on the color of the garment and ambient lighting, set the shutter speed to allow sufficient light to enter the lens.

Take product photographs
The steps mentioned above will help get everything to take photographs. Now, it’s time to click! Product photography needs to be professional and high-quality. Aarti has these tips she uses in her shoots:
Always keep the camera focus at the chest level or hip level of the garment.

Maintain the correct angle. The apparel will look asymmetric or skewed if the camera points too high or too low.
Always use a tripod to stabilize the camera.

To capture details like embroideries, cuffs, and zips, take close-up images of the product.
Give the image the final touches
Post-processing is important to create professional-looking product images. Two or more images are combined for creating ghost mannequin photographs, and the mannequin is removed subsequently.

Mastering post-production software like Photoshop is important to create quality ghost mannequin photographs. The post-processing techniques differ, depending on what type of garment is being clicked.

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