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You might not think that one person can make a difference

I will always Give this away for FREE. Because every person that quits is like a big middle finger to the tobacco industry”
— Wayne Money

ROSWELL, GA, UNITED STATES, December 22, 2022 / — Wayne Money, a Hypnotherapist out of Atlanta Georgia, with many years of experience helping people quit smoking cigarettes.

Wayne says that he stays booked helping people with minor issues that are easily helped with Hypnotherapy. He had no time for those with more serious issues like cancer treatment relief and severe phobias.

Utilizing todays AI technologies, Wayne has designed an immersive experience that can help you easily change those things that frustrate you the most.

Wayne’s number one goal is to help as many people as possible free themselves from smoking.

Smoking plagues the whole world. But here in the United States it is the leading cause of death each year.

It causes all our insurance rates to be higher even when you’re a non-smoker.

Cigarettes kill more people each year than automobile accidents, and guns. Yet, we will try to outlaw guns, and allow cigarettes to continue to be sold.

Wayne spent many years addicted to cigarettes. He says the only reason he is free is that he found hypnotherapy.

Read more about Wayne and his practice here at West Georgia Hypnotherapy.

So, one man is out to make a difference?
He says that “I thought if I really want to make a difference, I think this needs to be FREE. So that’s what we did. As part of our Free Membership, we include our Smoking Cessation Session absolutely, FREE. I don’t want money to be what keeps someone from making a change for the better.”

“Everyone should discover what VY is all about “. OH yeah VY.

VY is the name of Wayne’s AI. VY is an immersive experience designed to easily help you reprogram yourself for better habits. You cannot completely understand what an immersive experience is until you try it for yourself.

Our question to the readers is
Can one man, make a difference?
Will people, find value in his effort?
Does VY really work?

“It’s my hope that our clients that come to our site will walk away free. The most important part is wanting to help yourself and having the ability to do so. I will always work as hard as I can to help everyone quit smoking. I will continue to refine our system with the help of the input from our valued customers. And I will always Give this away for FREE. Because every person that quits is like a big middle finger to the tobacco industry that has screwed us over for years. “

To Learn more about VY. Discover VY (Quit Smoking for Free)

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