Derrick Jackson for Lt. Governor

Meeting Voters Where They Are with a Vision for a Better Georgia

The true prosperity of a society can only be measured by the quality of life that everyday citizens enjoy. For Georgia to truly be Number One, we must return to putting working families first.”
— Derrick Jackson

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2022 / — State Representative Derrick Jackson, a Democratic Candidate for Lieutenant Governor, has a passion for the people of Georgia and a vision for improving their economic condition and quality of life. A 22-year Navy veteran and three-term legislator who knows what it’s like to grow up with limited resources, Jackson believes that the state’s politics need a makeover, a fresh approach that puts the working families of Georgia first, not the politically connected or the insider ‘elite.’ In order to connect with everyday Georgians and hear their concerns firsthand, Rep. Jackson has embarked on a whirlwind tour of the state, speaking at candidate forums, municipal events, church gatherings, town halls, barbecues and festivals – wherever there are citizens who may vote in this week’s primary and the November general election. To showcase his compassion for the people of our great state and to hear their questions and concerns directly, Jackson has driven more than 7,200 miles and made appearances in 52 of Georgia’s 159 counties in the last month, with no signs of slowing down before the primary.

Rep. Jackson’s aggressive itinerary is a direct offshoot of his campaign philosophy, which is to serve the working people who are the backbone of the state, without whom Georgia would not be prospering as it has in recent years. “In my view, it is hypocritical for us to lay claim to being the Number One State for Business, when our state ranks in the 40s among US states in so many critical economic and educational indicators,” he says. “We have done a good job of investing in bringing large companies and industries to Georgia, but almost half the state’s counties have a significant portion of their residents living below the poverty line. Where is the equity in that? How has all this growth lifted everyday Georgians out of poverty? For us to be Number 1, we must be Number 1 in the quality of life our citizens enjoy. No Georgian should be left behind while some of us prosper.”

Rep. Jackson brings a simple message that has resonated with voters statewide – it’s time for a new leadership approach under the Gold Dome. His priorities – Healthcare, Public Education, Economic Equity and Equal Justice – are all top-of-mind issues that keep Georgians up at night, which makes them mission critical for state government to do its job. Jackson believes that job is to represent the interests of working Georgians and to enhance their quality of life, a focus that has been absent in the current administration. “I look forward to working with our next Governor to implement her agenda and advocate for fair and equitable opportunities for all of the people of Georgia,” says Jackson. “It is time for us to shift our focus back to the fundamentals, to hear the voices of the citizens and strive to make their lives better. That’s why I continue to knock on doors and show up all over the state, to take my message to the people, personally.”

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