Kala Evans, Founder of ATL Bodyworks

One woman’s will to change her story leads to a business that caters to athletes, celebrities, and business owners.

Come get these hands”
— Kala Evans

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 2, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kala Evans sat in a cell and thought about her life. A two-time convicted felon, she knew she had to make a change. Evans was determined that when she got to the other side again, she was never returning. Instead, she was going to make something of her life. She was going to be somebody. Evans was determined to stay focused, and today she exudes excellence as the owner and CEO of ATL Bodyworks.

Evans is now a wellness practitioner with over ten years of experience. Her wellness center in Atlanta, GA, is an oasis hidden in the skyscrapers of a big city. She graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage and is a certified Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) member and Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) certified therapist. In addition, Kala is a Thai Yoga Practitioner and is currently the first English-speaking woman of color instructor for Academia Maderoterapia USA.

Bodywork plays an essential role in promoting physical and mental well-being. It helps to improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, alleviate stress, and improve the overall quality of life. Body therapy can also be used to treat a number of medical conditions, such as chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

ATL BodyWorks offers many services, including body sculpting, massages, body treatments, vacuum therapy, and more. Evans touts her company as the first PureSculpt specialist in Atlanta. Evans says, “Our tranquil environment offers an exclusive humanistic approach to health and wellness and is designed to energize and reawaken the senses.” Business is booming. ATL BodyWorks counts several actors and actresses, high-level entrepreneurs, and software Billionaires amongst their clientele. Kala says her number one priority is allowing her clients a discrete and exclusive experience fit for a celebrity.

Evans’ success results from hard work and a determination to change. She also credits getting herself a mentor as a significant factor in raising her mental game. But underneath all of that is passion. In her words, “I love what I do and genuinely like people. My ministry helps people perform at their very best through massage and bodywork. The world needs healing, and everybody definitely could use a massage! My goal is to make an impact and teach others that if I can do it, anyone can.”

Kala has only scratched the surface of what is her ultimate goal. Her plans of expansion are just getting started. She is ready to tell the whole world to “Come Get These Hands,” Her favorite catchphrase.

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