Finding Your EDGE peaked at #2 on Amazon’s Best-Seller New Releases

Jeremy Haselwood, Author

Jeremy Haselwood with his family at the Finding Your EDGE book release party

How one author overcame music industry failure and unemployment to start a marketing consultancy and lead campaigns for Coca-Cola and The Salvation Army.

I applied to 582 jobs, which led to 31, initial interviews, and 134 rejections. Doing this math, it means that 448 companies didn’t even bother to respond back to me.”
— Jeremy Haselwood

ATLANTA, GA, USA, April 12, 2023/ — Today’s headlines are filled with companies announcing layoffs. Thousands of people are packing up their desks and being escorted out of their jobs with a cardboard box of their belongings and not much else.

To author and marketing consultant, Jeremy Haselwood, the emotion of these announcements hits home. Several years ago, when he unexpectedly lost his corporate job, he was left picking up the pieces and starting all over as well. This was just one time out of many when Haselwood faced adversity with no clear path in sight.

Haselwood left his home state of Oklahoma, relocating to Atlanta, with a dream of becoming successful in the music industry. This dream gained momentum, as he performed at the FedEx Orange Bowl and created a Top 100 Pop Radio hit, “Sooner Girl.” However, he was also booed off the stage on national TV at Showtime at the Apollo. Though his music career showed promise, it sputtered out before it really took off.

Haselwood worked full-time while he pursued his music dreams, but eventually, both crashed. During a period of unemployment, Haselwood said, “I applied to 582 jobs, which led to 31, initial interviews, and 134 rejections. Doing this math, it means that 448 companies didn’t even bother to respond back to me. It was like I didn’t even exist to them.”

Battling financial pressure, self-doubt, and the balance of family and life, he had to rediscover himself. Eventually, Haselwood went back to school and earned his MBA. Sleeping just four hours a night for several years, he would journal and create his own frameworks that would help him become more productive, focused, and disciplined.

His life began to transform into one of purpose. This resulted in launching his own marketing consulting company, Ampla Marketing, where Haselwood works with nonprofits and previously with brands like The Salvation Army and Coca-Cola. Haselwood ran his company as a side hustle for 3 years before leaving the corporate world completely to run his business full-time.

Now, Haselwood is providing his personal stories, insights, and frameworks in his new book, Finding Your EDGE: How to Unlock Your Talent & Purpose. The book is a personal development guide that can help job seekers take inventory of their talents, identify their passions, and create a path of purpose for the next phase of their lives. Readers will learn how to identify and overcome their limiting beliefs, develop positive habits, and create discipline that fosters success.

In an interview, Haselwood can discuss:

– Leaving his home state at age 20 to pursue his dream in the music industry in Atlanta
– How getting booed off the stage at the Apollo actually helped him in life
– Battling unemployment and uncertainty to starting and running a successful marketing consultancy
– How to make setbacks your “professor” rather than your “oppressor”
– How he started his business, Ampla Marketing
– His experience applying to 582 jobs without securing employment
– Haselwood’s Five Forces of Balance detailing how to gain balance between the professional, personal, spiritual, family, and health areas of your life.
– The EDGE framework, which is an acronym that stands for Eliminate Distractions, Discover Yourself, Generate Goals, and Enact Discipline.
– Journal prompts at the end of each chapter to provide the reader with an opportunity to reflect and document their self-transformation journey.
– Haselwood’s consultative framework, VOSTEK ™, which he has used with multimillion-dollar clients to create clear goals and business strategies.

About the Author:
Jeremy Haselwood is a 2X best-selling author, trainer, and speaker. His life has been an interesting mix of pursuing a dream in the music business to working in the corporate world, then experiencing unemployment, before launching a successful marketing consultancy in Atlanta, Georgia. His varied experiences in life have led him to his purpose of helping others experience life transformation. When he’s not working, he’s growing his vinyl record collection and spending time with his family.

About the Book:
Finding Your EDGE: How to Unlock Your Talent & Purpose is available now on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle formats. To learn more about the book and its author, visit

Finding Your EDGE: How to Unlock Your Talent & Purpose is a Self-Help book that peaked at #2 on Amazon’s New Release Best-Seller charts on March 21, 2023. It is available in hardcover ($26.99 -, ISBN: 979-8376677285), paperback ($19.99, ISBN: 979-8375089379) or e-book. This self-published release is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.

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