The show, “Underground Comics” features comedians from all walks of life with stories detailing their own perspective in a genuine funny way.

Underground Comics shares the stage with first-time comedians and veterans comedian and share their talents and skills with the world.”
— Clyde Vision Films

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — With the anticipation building as streaming channels begin to pick up, “Underground Comics” many comedians are anticipating seeing themselves on the big screen for the first time.

The industry of showbiz is now at the fingertips of indie filmmakers. “The almighty dollar” that runs Hollywood’s multi-billion productions are soon to be split with independent filmmakers getting self distribution. With indie filmmakers looking to make more films these days, creators have to resort to crowdfunding instead of phoning the big brothers of the film industry.

Clyde Vision Films is looking to create the fattest deal for independent filmmakers and their cast and crew. By bringing more originality and diversity into the film industry, Clyde Vision Films, creator of Underground Comics, A Product of Me, and a plethora of content announced they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign on Thursday, September 22, 2022 to start the first issue in the six feature series. “I always finish what I start”, stated Mr. Jeral Clyde II when asked about the recent Kickstarter campaign. After the mandatory lockdowns it was important for Clyde Vision Films to find a more realistic and artistic way to continue engaging with our audience. CEO, Mr. Jeral Clyde II is leveraging Kickstarter and said, “I am reaching out to our fans to help pay our cast and crew.”

The Kickstarter campaign can be found at http://kck.st/3f3yr9j and audience members can make a pledge today towards the overall goal.

One story in our six-part feature production, involves the story about Detective Grant being called to crack a case before it happens inside a vampire salon. Unlike many Clyde Vision Films stories that take place in Atlanta, Georgia, this one takes place in Florida. Everyone, at some point of his or her life, has dreamed of being somebody special, somebody big. Who hasn’t fantasized about being the one who hits the game-winning homer? Who hasn’t dreamed of being the homecoming queen? And how many times have we dreamed of being rich, or successful, or happy with our relationships?

Often as content developers, we dream big dreams and have great aspirations. Unfortunately, our dreams remain just that in dreams. And our aspirations easily collect dust in our attic. Underground Comics promotes laughter for adults and scientific studies show that laughter increases a positive mood.

This is a sad turn of events in our world. Instead of experiencing exciting adventures in self actualization, we get caught up in the humdrum of living.

But you know what? Life could be so much better, if only we learned to laugh, enjoy life and aim higher.

The most common problem to setting goals is the word impossible. Most people get hung up thinking I can’t do this. It’s too hard. It’s too impossible. No one can do this.

However, if everyone thought that, there would be no inventions, no innovations, and no breakthroughs in human accomplishment and especially no Underground Comics or Clyde Vision Films. Underground Comics shares the stage with first-time comedians and veterans comedian and share their talents and skills with the world.

Clyde Vision Films and Hoodrich Studios / Films hosted over 2 dozen comedians in the Hoodrich facility over a span of 2 seasons.

As part of a vertical extension to Underground Comics – the husband and wife team of Clyde Publisher’s are set to release the new book, “The Universal Guide to Stand Up Comedy” as a guide for emerging comedians with the desire to make it to streaming channels such as, Netflix, Hulu, Mometu, Amazon Prime Video, Tubi and many of the emerging streaming channels that are now seeing the advantages of working with independent filmmakers. Newcomers to stand-up may want to do some additional stand-up performances to get a larger audience. See if you can get some of the key players and decision makers to come and see you perform. If not them, see if you can get their representative to come out and take a look. Their representatives are an extension of them.

The show, “Underground Comics” features comedians from all walks of life with stories detailing their own perspective in a genuine funny way. It’s ok to laugh and these are the comedians that will keep viewers glued to streaming channels this Fall and beyond:

Hosted by Mr. Durte


Flow So Amazzyn

Keso’ Crazy

Austin King

DJ Hype Dog

Israel Dortch

Emmanuel “Black Trump” Hodge

Christopher Sho

Nicole Blue

Thomas Sanders

Piere Guyton

Kamilla Davis

The Legendary Sonny G


Reginald Reed

Kelly Kellz

Vinny Bucci

Mr. Inappropriate


Duke Desdunes

Stephon Jones

Zee Cole

Kymmi Tea

Kovoski George

CJ Trowers

Christopher Robinson

Malik Kellie

Cuzzin Clyde

Byron Lyles

Partners include Cigar Times, Crunk Juice, Zaxby’s, Million Dollar Dozier Entertainment, I Am A Product of Me, Kedy’s Organic Products, Clyde Publisher’s, and 3umph Studios a domain and website hosting company. 3umphStudios.com provides artist, entertainers and developers the opportunity to build a professional portfolio website for only $4.99 per month taxes and fees may be required. Use promotional code 3umph at checkout to get 15% off your first domain name or website builder.

Underground Comics also features music by independent artists JC the Director & Queen-E Baby featuring Atlanta’s anthem “Welcome to the City” and other guests artists with the show being filmed on a closed set with an invitation only guest policy at the height of 2020 at Hoodrich Studios.

“A feast is made for laughter, wine makes life merry, and money is the answer for everything.” – King Solomon Ecclesiastes

Look for Underground Comics – Season One and the Halloween Special streaming channels.

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