High-quality home putting greens for pros and amateurs is a customizable and perfected art and science, and comes with many options.

CALHOUN, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, December 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Technology, innovation, and much research and design have transformed the former fantasy of a home putting green into an affordable and enjoyable reality.

Even though FieldTurf Landscape is globally respected as an industry leader for high-quality and efficient artificial turf for a variety of uses, there are some exciting and unique specifics to know about installing a home putting green.

The quality of the actual artificial turf product is a very important aspect for the art and science of a home putting green. “Some artificial grass is cheaply made and can actually hurt a golfer’s game,” says Brad Timsit, a FieldTurf spokesperson.

“Our turf for the backyard is made with a state-of-the-art polymer and has the look and feel of natural grass. The stroke of the putter will mimic the reaction on the golf course and the movement of the ball will move along the turf, with the realistic twists and rebounds of natural grass.”

Many other features make FieldTurf home putting greens special. “Our turf is in-filled with refined sand, making it less prone to clumping. It will not harden like the turf on a mini-golf course. FieldTurf is a functional, realistic home golf practice surface. It is much more durable than natural grass, it withstands heavy foot traffic and allows the home putting green to be enjoyed for 10 to 15 years. That’s a lot of time to practice your short stroke,” Timsit adds with a smile.

There are also many options and choices, when it comes to a high-quality and enjoyable home putting green.

FieldTurf surfaces are customizable. Club regulars know what their favorite greens are like, the thickness and the length of the grass, and how the greens are sloped. FieldTurf can also create elevations by raising the surface of the green above the existing hardscape, with multiple contours and undulations, or installing steps around various portions of the green. FieldTurf can also create custom moguls (sometimes called “mounds” or “berms”) and even a tee box that allows shots from a variety of distances.

Another important FieldTurf putting green feature is eliminating the nuisance of drainage worries. The patented and warranted artificial turf comes with contours and drainage holes that provide maximum drainage.

Big and small details are crucial for a home putting green. And FieldTurf has the expertise, the skill and the techniques to customize a home putting green for a backyard’s layout and specifics.

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FieldTurf Landscape is the industry leader in the innovation and technology to create high-quality and efficient artificial turf for a variety of uses. From the residential feature of a stunning green yard, a putting green to practice a short game at home, to football fields, indoor soccer fields and other sport facilities, FieldTurf Landscape has installed over a million square feet of artificial turf across the country.

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