Backyard and front yard artificial turf not only looks great, but it is low-maintenance, eliminates harmful chemicals and saves money.

CALHOUN, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2022 / — There are good reasons backyard and front yard artificial turf is becoming so desirable and popular. It’s because high-quality artificial turf is not only year-round beautiful, it is efficient, it feels soft and nice to the touch; it is customizable, it is extremely low maintenance; it doesn’t need hazardous chemicals, and it even saves money.

FieldTurf Landscape, the innovative and respected company which has manufactured and delivered more than a million square feet of high-quality, crafted-in-America artificial turf in more than 40,000 residential and commercial installations across the country, is now revolutionizing today’s backyards and front yards.

Although the exclusive and patented FieldTurf techniques and processes are important, the high-quality FieldTurf product is most definitely the secret sauce that is boosting the popularity of artificial turf.

FieldTurf spokesperson Brad Timsit admits that, while the words may sometimes be interchangeably used, “turf” best describes the shorter, softer and high-end, artificial turf. Familiar mentions of “artificial grass” or “fake grass” are usually about what’s known as “landscape grass,” usually coarse and made with longer blades.

“Two main materials are used to create both products,” he explains. “Polyethylene, and nylon. But nylon is an outdated kind of artificial grass, usually aesthetically unappealing and scratchy to the touch and it inevtiably fades over time.

“The unconditionally best artificial turf is made from polyethylene. It is noticeably softer to the touch, more durable, lower maintenance, better for foot traffic and has a much more realistic look and feel.”

Artificial turf for backyards and front yards also have other advantages. Because surveys show that the typical American adult spends 12 minutes, every day, mowing, watering, aerating, fertilizing, dethatching and other puttering with the lawn, adding-up to dozens of chore-hours every year.

High-quality artificial turf is efficient, green all-year-round, esthetically appealing and increasing curb appeal. It is also very low maintenance, eliminates harmful chemicals like fertilizers and pesticide, and saves time. Backyard and front yard artificial turf even saves money on water bills, by drastically reducing a home’s outdoor water usage.

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FieldTurf Landscape is the industry leader in the innovation and technology to create high-quality and efficient artificial turf for a variety of uses. From the residential feature of a stunning green yard, a putting green to practice a short game at home, to football fields, indoor soccer fields and other sport facilities, FieldTurf Landscape has installed over a million square feet of artificial turf across the country.

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