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Maximizing F&I Profit and Ensuring Compliance “Best Practices” Is Not an Instinct, It Comes Through Training – Dealer Profit Services Offers The Best

Maximizing F&I Profit does not come naturally, it must be trained. Ditto with Compliance best practices. We do this better than anyone in the industry!”
— Myril Shaw, COO, Dealer Profit

WATKINSVILLE, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, November 22, 2022 / — Maximizing F&I Profit is more critical in today’s economic climate than it has been in a long time. The FTC is more active than ever, so meeting all Compliance standards is absolutely essential – the CFPB and the FTC have stated that “a good faith effort in Compliance” will absolutely be considered in the event of a prosecution event.

Neither maximizing F&I Profit, nor demonstrating Compliance “good faith” is simply natural. Both are a matter of complete training.

Dealer Profit Services is pleased to announce the launch of a comprhensive F&I Profit and Compliance training program. This program is offered on-site, online, or via a video. The training consists of two major parts with breaks between, so that there is time to switch the audience as need. F&I Profit Traing comes first, followed by Compliance Training. There will be small breaks during each with a loner break between the two. The training lasts about 7 hours overall.

The F&I Training covers:
– Promoting Finance at the store and before
– The Turnover process from Sales to F&I
– Maximizing loan reserve
– Maximizing Protective Product penetration and profit

The intent of this training is to faciliate achieving 5%+ F&I profit per Unit Sales.

The Compliance Training covers:
– All required Compliance Manuals as well as the intent of each
— Red Flags
— Disposal
— Safeguards
— USA Patriot Act
– Compliance best practices
– Common compliance errors and avoiding them

The intent of this training is to enable the dealer to demonstrate compliance “good faith”.

On-site training costs $1,250 plus travel expenses. Online training costs $900. Video training costs $600.

Those interested should reach out to

Myril Shaw
Dealer Profit Services, LLC
+1 678-641-8419
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