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A Clothing Company in the People Business

God had a purpose for your life before you ever had a plan for yourself. Sometimes your plans have to fail, so God’s purpose can prevail.”
— Mark Robinson

CANTON, GA, UNITED STATES, March 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Every Knee Clothing Co. launches April 2, 2024 with a vision to ignite a global movement of renewed purpose in God, through apparel, that helps share the greatest story ever told–the Gospel of Christ.

With purpose as the foundation, people are naturally drawn to the founder’s transparency and story of hope. He says, “In life, we are uniquely positioned to help the person we used to be, and I foolishly tried building my own kingdom. I grew up poor so after moving out, I began to live for success. On the outside, things seemed great but inside, I was empty. In April 2019, God gracefully broke me through a series of events leading to massive depression.”

He explained the depression resulted in zero motivation for life. However, he did the only thing he knew to do. He opened the Bible and began to read, with one scripture jumping off the page, “Jesus will never leave us, nor forsake us.” In that moment, he saw hope in the middle of the pain and hope literally kept him alive. He says, “Through the brokenness, He was bringing me to the end of myself so I could find my purpose and live as the man I was created to be and I will never be the same. I am so unqualified to do anything for God, but He chose to use me for such a time as this and although I can’t explain it, I will commit my life to carrying out the vision to reach the world for Him.”

His story deeply resonates with the community, with one Instagram follower perfectly summing up the connection, “…such a powerful and moving backstory, can’t wait to support be a part of the movement.” This echoes many others who are excited to align with a company that shares their values.

With his wife (high school sweetheart) of 25 years and a passionate team, the message of purpose is going global. His oldest daughter, the lead content creator, explains, “As Christians, we believe our purpose in life is to glorify God and spread the Gospel without fear or favor. We have been placed on this earth to make our life count for Him. God can use anything, including apparel, as a means for others to express their faith and create eternal conversations. Our apparel is so intentional, with uplifting and meaningful messages that serve as a reminder of God’s goodness. If just one life is changed through this company, it’s worth it. Dad’s mindset is contagious. We are a clothing company in the people business.”

As if more inspiration was needed, all of his older children are “all-in” on the people business which is a testament to a changed life. His two teenage daughters assist their older sister with content creation; the 20-year-old twin boys handle fulfillment, while their oldest and middle sons are brand ambassadors. However, the linchpin to the whole operation is his wife who he calls his “day one” and best friend, “She is so selfless and motivates me to be a better human being. I am here because of Jesus and because my wife did not give up on me. Thinking about it gets me emotional and I just have to lift my hands and thank God for allowing me the honor to live life with this phenomenal woman.”

While Every Knee Clothing Co. exists to spread a larger message, highlighted by generous support of local and global missions, it features all the marks of a high-quality brand. People will see, feel, and appreciate the level of thought, craftsmanship, and attention to detail evident in each design and product. The logo, custom branded packaging, intuitive website layout, and design quality is warmly sophisticated and as the founder says, “God is a premium God, so our brand seeks to create at a level worthy of His honor that will encourage others to walk in purpose, boldly rep their faith, and share Jesus.”

You can shop the collection and join the movement!

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