The new fashion brand specializes in personalized fedoras that change the narrative of what it means to “wear many hats”

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 12, 2023 / — Tamicka Coffee – the designer passionate about helping others discover their potential – is pleased to announce the launch of her new fashion brand focused on creating uniquely personal hats and accessories, Unlocked Brims.

Tamicka created the brand as an antidote to the generic apparel mass-produced by fast fashion companies through thoughtful hand-finished pieces that add a deeper meaning to everyday wardrobes.

After serving in the military, Tamicka started to explore her creative talent through design and fashion, taking a particular interest in hats and their ability to transform an outfit. While considering the many hats that women wear, both literally and figuratively, she realized there was a huge potential to design hats that helped every type of person feel courageous and find a deeper sense of identity.

This unlocked potential gives the brand its name, along with the fedora’s wide brim that provides a canvas for creative and expressive ornamentation.

Unlocked Brims provides a consultation session for each order, whether a client is ordering a hat for themself or as a gift for a loved one, in which Tamicka will discover more about the story behind each individual. During the consultation, Tamicka also identifies a color scheme and a theme for the design.

“I believe everyone deserves to feel confident in their journey and stand firmly in who they are, regardless of any setback,” commented Tamicka. “These hat collections are fueled by our passion for intentional design, forming a bridge between style and identity.”

To learn more about Unlocked Brims, or to schedule a one-to-one consultation, click here.

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