Fake Photos Disqualify Certified Hair Braider from Braider Awards Nomination

“I looked at the name and realized that she was a braider who got me wrongfully fired from a salon where we worked several years before I opened my own salon.”

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Since May 1, 2022, Strands of Beauty along with other salons and ambassadors have been accepting nominations for the upcoming Braider Awards to take place in Atlanta, Ga in November 2022.

During a nomination conciliation meeting, an ambassador who is a former braider, now salon owner recognized a photo submitted with last week’s nominations. “I saw the picture and I was immediately stricken with pain all over again. I could not take my eyes off of those braids, it was like I could still feel the burn from that boiling water. I had been braiding, but that was the first client that I dipped on my own” said Tiffany Sandars, Orlando Salon Owner and ambassador for The Braider Awards. When the pain subsided, it dawned on me that I was looking at a picture of my own work from many years ago. The picture was submitted by a self-nominated braider as a picture of their own work. I looked at the name and realized that she was a braider who got me wrongfully fired from a salon where we worked several years before I opened my own salon.”

The Braider Awards is the first and only ceremony set to recognize professional hair braiders who have devoted their lives (specifically their hands and feet) to the profession of hair braiding and the beauty industry.

Nominees may nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else such as a client, friend, or family member. Some of the categories to receive awards include: Above and Beyond the Braids, Best in Box Braids, Best Precision Braider, Best in Tree Braids, Need for Speed Braider, and Best in Braiding Salons.

Along with recognition of these prestigious awards, some winners will receive cash awards and prizes. “The Braider Awards are designed to shine the spotlight on the integrity, professionalism, and seriousness of our profession,” says Ethena Profit, founder and CEO of Strands of Beauty and the Strands of Beauty Institute of Braiding and Beauty Business Development. “Scamming and Stealing pictures is a serious issue in our industry and to go to the point of submitting a nomination form with the work of someone else is appalling. I am thankful that our ambassador Tiffany, was able to catch that fraud. The nominee was disqualified and notified and The Braider Awards executive team has since updated their intake nomination system.

There is no other awards ceremony in existence that supports and recognizes hair braiding professionals. Scams on any level is an automatic disqualification from nomination. Nominees may enter by completing the form and submitting the $99 nomination fee in person at www.strandsofbeauty.com/braiderawards or thebraiderawards.com.

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