Rendering of EV Hotel in DR

EV Hotels partners with CLERHP for the construction of its first hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

EV Hotel opening in DR”

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, August 25, 2022 / — EV Hotels will be opening a 5 Star Luxury Resort in the new Larimar City & Resort project in the Dominican Republic. The complex will be built on an area of 30,000 m2 (almost 8 acres) and will be built in association with CLERHP, a Spanish company listed on the Spanish stock exchange, and which is behind the project. The new EV hotel will have up to 400 rooms and array of Dubai style leisure amenities.

Larimar City & Resort is a new complex that will have a boardwalk over the Farallón de Verón with a leisure offer in the style of Mediterranean promenades but from an elevated position that provides panoramic views and exceptional glamour. Some of amenities included will be a golf course, a casino, huge green areas that allow a life in contact with nature and that promotes sustainable mobility within the complex, a shopping center integrated with the boardwalk, schools, a university, a hospital, … Imagine yourself in Paradise.

Ken Patel EV Hotel CEO & Founder has recently been quoted as saying “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

“I could not be prouder to announce that we will be expanding EV Hotels into Dominican Republic. After many years of working behind the scenes to develop a hotel brand that both innovates and revolutionized the industry, it is truly rewarding to now see EV make an impact across the globe. And believe me, we are just getting started. I am excited to work with CLERHP to bring this revolutionary hotel brand to Punta Cana and to the amazing community in the Dominican Republic. Larimar City & Resort will be one of the best tourist attractions around the globe and our team at EV is excited to be part of this Smart-City. Growth doesn’t come with a single action. It is the consequence of persistence, courage, and hard work. What we are accomplishing here is to create an experience that brings hospitality back and gives it life again. Innovation is a team sport.” says Ken Patel, Chairman & Founder of EV Hotel Corp

“The international demand for EV Hotels continues to soar, and now with a confirmed location coming to Dominican Republic we are honored to begin to service the Caribbean with state-of-the-art IoT technologies, enhanced guest and staff services, a true health and wellness component with our partners FitNest, as well as our claim to fame Crypto, NFT, and Blockchain components. We are proud to be working with CLERHP, be part of Larimar City & Resort, and provide an unmatched destination as well as create steady, safe, exciting jobs for the citizens of the D.R.”, said Brian J. Esposito CEO & Founder of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises & Chief Strategic Officer of EV Hotels.

In the words of Juan Andrés Romero, President of CLERHP, “We find the agreement with EV Hotels especially gratifying and motivating, a company that is committed to technology in its hotels and whose values are very close to ours. It fits perfectly with the new smart city that is Larimar City & Resort”. He also tells us that “the project will be a milestone in the area and the country, a modern and sustainable city with a new hotel that is succeeding all over the world thanks to its technology.”

Leonardo Padron Hermes, CEO of Blacklions International Group, a company associated with CLERHP in the development of real estate projects in the Dominican Republic, tells us that “Larimar City & Resort is a project that will be a reference thanks to the Promenade on the Farrallón de Verón, which has a view of 180 degrees over Punta Cana and an offer of leisure at the highest level, swimming pools of all kinds, restaurants, clubs, shops, nightlife and much more, all culminated with an 18-hole golf course.” In addition to being an ecological, sustainable, and green project, it is also a modern, intelligent, and technological city and that is where the merger of our city “Larimar” and “EV Hotel” connect in a futuristic vision never seen before in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“FitNest is making a collaborative effort with EV hotel on bringing wellness & fitness to hospitality. Creating a unique experience for all guests that stay in the EV Hotel as well as staff. We are extremely excited to bring this combined experience to the Dominican Republic. Giving the gym state of the art equipment, training assistance, and much more will make it an incredible stay for all guests as well as an experience for the local business owners and residents.” Said President / Founder of FitNest Nestor Limas

About EV Hotel Corp

EV Hotel, is the Atlanta-based brand that looks to revolutionize the hospitality industry with innovations through digital transformation. EV Hotel has created the first SMART hotel with crypto and NFT experiences. Powered by human-centric technology it ignites new and elevated experiences for both employees and guests. The EV Hotels will be the world’s Smart Hotel Brand, that will provide the full scale of automation that streamlines operations and guest experiences. Each hotel facility will feature IOT devices that lessen the burden on the task-heavy systems in hospitality and drive more focus on service and guest engagement. Our partnerships for the inclusion of a physical trading floor experience, backed by a best-of-breed cryptocurrency exchange, will create an exceptional value add for the consumers and the industry into the future.

About CLERHP Structures SA

CLERHP is a Spanish company with subsidiaries in Bolivia, Paraguay, and the Dominican Republic, dedicated to the construction and engineering sector. The company has significant investments in buildtech companies to improve productivity in the AECO sector. Listed on the Spanish stock exchange since 2016, it is making significant investments in the Dominican Republic, expanding its range of activity to Project management and Real Estate.

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