ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 28, 2022 / — EO, the Entrepreneur’s Organization, the world’s largest organization of founding entrepreneurs, recently announced a rapidly growing movement created by its members called MyEO OneWorld. And now they have a day to celebrate, September 28, 2022, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, at the largest gathering of EO members on the US East Coast at an event called NERVE. “We are on a mission to create a more socially conscious, culturally diverse and inclusive experience for all EO members.” Says MyEO Champion, Delano Massey, an Atlanta chapter entrepreneur. The MyEO OneWorld members at Nerve are calling all EO members onsite to join them and learn more. “We are thrilled to support EO OneWorld as a globally supported MyEO initiative,” said EO Global CEO, Carrie Santos. “The world of entrepreneurship has changed, and it is important to provide a safe space for our members to have vulnerable discussions about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, it’s how we grow!”

“Our tremendous member diversity is what makes the EO experience so rich for entrepreneurs as well as our professional staff. That diversity pollinates across borders, generations, ethnicity and industries, from small businesses to large”, added EO Chair, Marc Stöckli, a 14-year member from Switzerland. “Our role as leaders is not to stand on stage and focus the spotlight on ourselves. Rather, it is to share our experiences, insights and opportunities with others – particularly those with disadvantageous starting points. I am pleased to see the MyEO OneWorld group thriving as a place for our members to appreciate and celebrate each other’s individuality.”

In celebration and support of the diversity of its members and future members, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), an international community of successful business leaders, EO chapters across the globe have been encouraged to “be bold” and do such things as host member-led “Breaking Barriers Dinners” to have discussions about topics that are typically unsaid or taboo in day-to-day conversation.
The NERVE event presents an outstanding opportunity for us to celebrate how far our young group has come while charting a bold path forward,” explained Massey. “We are excited to bring together entrepreneurs in a positive, trusting space where we can fully be ourselves, evolve, and grow in our conversations and experiences.”

What is MyEO OneWorld?

MyEO OneWorld is an intentional EO community of underrepresented members and their allies empowered to share authentically and grow their perspectives.

We believe in:
• Safe Space: Holding space for underrepresented EO members and their allies is sacred and essential.
• Giving Voice: In giving voice to the ever-changing complexities faced by our members.
• Empowered Communities: In the power of embodying beloved communities of belonging.
• Enhanced Connection: That disrupting the status quo enhances the value of our connection.

We are Breaking Barriers & Bridging The Gap on the path of building ways to collaborate, respect and align as One Global EO Community.

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