Tapping into his unhinged inner monologue, Cashion’s riveting musical compositions are a subtle depiction of the wide-ranging emotions one experiences

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, November 18, 2022 / — With music that can only fairly be described as a moving portrait of artistic expression, singer-songwriter Cashion displays unparalleled talent. A hitmaker who is arguably Alternative music’s best kept secret, Cashion continues to drop compelling tracks, laden with intimate lyricism and understated, mellow rhythmic compositions.

Capturing the full spectrum of human emotions and the complexity that undergirds them, the eclectic artist believes that music is the most authentic form of expression. With his emotional compositions, he wishes to create tracks that are relatable, raw, and an unadulterated avenue of connection. An extension of his own wild, imaginative mind, Cashion’s music underlines a unique and unhinged sonic delivery.

Cashion’s discography includes singles that are one-of-a-kind, sentimental tracks, such as “Chalky Demeanor,” “Charcoal Heart,” and “Burning Gratitude.” Each single has the admirable quality of keeping listeners hooked to its soft, tranquil, and enigmatic rhythms, set against the pensive and moving reflection of the artist’s thoughts.

In contrast, tracks such as “Carnivore” and “Are Ya Winning Son?” take upon a different tangent and are uplifted by an energetic, upbeat soundtrack and fast-flowing narrative verses. A man with boundless talent, Cashion has fans that enjoy both thrilling, elevating soundscapes to those who find slow-paced, solicitous songwriting to be their preferred style.

Listeners of Cashion’s music are certain to feel a broad range of emotions, and will continue to find themselves surprised at what they hear. Changing with each divergent current, Cashion’s style is a depiction of expert variety, and a raw, beautiful, and intense portrayal of an individual with an unstable mentality.

“My goals with music have been to share what many may not understand, as well as reach those in the dark who may relate in silence. It is hard when you can’t find music that you feel represented by. I hope to be that person, for someone,” says Cashion about his goals and passion.

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Cashion is a force unlike any other. The prolific artist continues to grace the world of Alternative with his intimately curated, meaningful musical compositions. From tracks that make use of subtle, understated rhythms and powerful lyricism to tracks that are spirited, high-energy blends, Cashion’s music has it all. With a focused vision and drive to go above and beyond, the seasoned songwriter hopes to become the biggest breakthrough artist in the genre.



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