Adventure awaits as our young explorer gears up with his Are We There Yet luggage! Bursting with color and excitement, every step of the journey brings us closer to fun-filled adventures and unity. Let’s travel together.

Discover Dutchess and Duke’s ‘Are We There Yet’ collection – stylish luggage celebrating diversity and empowerment for kids of color!

Through our ‘Are We There Yet’ collection, we aim to start meaningful conversations about diversity, equality, and the journey toward a more inclusive society.”
— K. Charles

MARIETTA, GA, UNITED STATES, February 6, 2024 / — Dutchess and Duke, an emerging black-owned brand specializing in personalizable luggage and backpacks featuring diverse characters and stories, with a focus on African American children, proudly presents its “Are We There Yet” collection.”

In celebration of Black History Month and an ongoing dedication to diversity and representation, Dutchess and Duke introduces the “Are We There Yet” collection. This stylish product lineup embodies a commitment to ensuring every child feels recognized and empowered, reflecting a belief in inclusion and pride. Founded in 2023 by Kelie Charles, Dutchess and Duke is committed to empowering young minds, especially those of African American children.

“As we celebrate Black History Month and the rich cultural heritage of African Americans, it’s important to recognize the importance of representation and empowerment,” says Kelie Charles, founder of Dutchess and Duke and owner of Double Dutch Dolls, LLC. “At Dutchess and Duke, we’re passionate about empowering African American children to embrace their uniqueness and feel valued. Through our ‘Are We There Yet’ collection, we aim to not only provide practical travel solutions but also start meaningful conversations about diversity, equality, and the journey toward a more inclusive society.”

The “Are We There Yet” collection features a variety of vibrant and stylish products, including personalizeable luggage, backpacks, and soon-to-be-released travel accessories. Each item is designed to celebrate the many identities among children of color, encouraging them to embrace their own journeys with confidence.

However, Dutchess and Duke products go beyond mere functionality, inviting children to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and cultural celebration. With the tagline “Are We There Yet,” the company’s luggage symbolizes its commitment to progress. As we honor Black History Month, the “Are We There Yet” collection serves as a reminder of the progress we’ve made and the journey ahead toward creating a world of unity.

Explore the entire Dutchess and Duke product line, including the “Are We There Yet” collection, available now at For the latest updates and behind-the-scenes insights, follow the company on Instagram @shopdutchessandduke.

About Dutchess and Duke
Dutchess and Duke is the ultimate destination for vibrant travel gear designed to celebrate children of color. Offering everything from backpacks to personalizable luggage and travel accessories, the company’s collection embodies boundless imagination and adventure. Each product features a diverse cast of characters bursting with personality, thoughtfully designed so that every child can see themselves represented, fostering a sense of excitement, belonging, and building self-esteem. With products tailored for children from preschool through middle school, Dutchess and Duke ensures that every young explorer can embark on their journey with style and confidence.

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