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Dregg Ackies, a lone ranger, is here with his first studio-recorded song that stands out from other rappers’ lyrics and makes you feel happy in your skin.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, November 8, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dregg Ackies recently unveiled ‘You Don’t Like Me’, one of the 12 songs from his new album. Dregg Ackies, the artist that maintains his originality and doesn’t refrain himself from writing out of the box.

The number of rappers has significantly increased during recent times. The studies suggest that most of the rappers are driven by the anger that they hold up against society. But when asked to Dregg Ackies, he said that he likes to write for every average man. He doesn’t pretend to be tough and wants every human to be at peace with themselves.

Dregg was born in East Meadow, New York, but the passion and zeal of pursuing a career in music brought him to ATL. He started taking his devotion to music seriously after surviving a horrific house fire in July 2022. While fighting the dark gray smoke to save his son and young nephew, he saw fire clearing his path to actively run after something that he really likes. That’s when he decided to jump in at the deep end and do music full time. He is a single parent and his inspiration to get out of bed in the morning is his son. He wants his son to look up to him and feel proud. Furthermore, he wants to make his son understand about the dark side of the world that unfortunately exists. Therefore, he chooses to speak truth to power without shaking hands with profanity.

To Dregg, music is as important as oxygen! And he believes that the right music can benefit everyone. His goal is to empower everyone through his music. He is certainly ahead of his competitors as he doesn’t believe in choosing something just because that particular thing is in the trend; he is driven by his son and the troubling times that he had to go through, such as childhood abuse and the feeling of “If you’re not beneficial, they don’t want you around.”

Crisp, unapologetic and banging, ‘You Don’t Like Me’ and other 11 songs that Dregg is currently working on are like an eye-opener for everyone who has been bamboozled by someone at any point in their life. He wrote and recorded all 12 songs all by himself and considers this song one of his masterpieces. His fan can play this song, ’You Don’t Like Me’, on loop. His next song “Peter Pan” goes live on November 18th.

Get ready to join Dregg Ackies on his way to capture grounds of success in the music industry.

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