MARIETTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2024 / — Dough In The Box Donuts, a cherished donut shop located in the heart of Marietta, has proudly announced its recent achievement of winning the prestigious 2023 Best of Georgia Regional Award. This significant accolade, revered in the region, is a testament to the shop’s unwavering commitment to quality and its profound connection with the community.

Dough In The Box Donuts has become an integral part of Marietta, known for its delectable range of donuts and the warm, friendly service it offers. The shop’s diverse menu caters to both traditional and modern tastes, ensuring there is something for every donut enthusiast. This triumph is attributed to their consistent delivery of top-notch products and their ability to create a cozy and welcoming environment for all their patrons.

Dough in the Box Donuts, now with three locations, is the embodiment of a family’s passion and dedication to their community. Founded and lovingly run by Jesus and Dannia Balestena, this bakery has become a local gem over the past 20 years. Renowned for their unique California-style donuts, each shop crafts these delights by hand, ensuring they are freshly cooked every night. Their extensive selection boasts 45 varieties, including traditional cake and raised donuts, alongside special seasonal offerings such as shamrock or pistachio donuts for Saint Patrick’s Day, and red velvet for Mother’s Day.

Their culinary expertise doesn’t end with donuts; they also offer croissants and corn bread for savory breakfast sandwiches and offer a range of bagels. The Balestenas’ deep commitment to their craft and community is evident. As they proudly state, “We have created a strong team. We have found amazing people to work and grow with us,” reflecting their belief in fostering a thriving community through their bakery.

Unique in its selection process, the Best of Georgia Regional Award, presented by, is determined by customer votes, emphasizing the importance of community support and customer satisfaction in the success of local businesses. For Dough In The Box Donuts, receiving this award goes beyond a mere business accomplishment; it symbolizes the deep-rooted relationships they have nurtured within the community.

This recognition underlines the entrepreneurial spirit that small businesses like Dough In The Box Donuts embody. Their dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience, paired with their culinary finesse, has distinguished them in a highly competitive market. The award serves to spotlight the critical role played by small businesses in enhancing the cultural and economic landscape of their communities.

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