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We are done asking to sit at the table, we are building our own.”
— Tech is the New Trap

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, January 25, 2023 / — Diversity Cyber Council, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, and its partners are excited to announce the launch of their newest campaign, “Tech is the New Trap,” aimed at creating an equitable path for under-represented demographics to gain access to entrepreneurial and career opportunities in the technological sector by leveraging music, art, and entertainment.

Focused on celebrating diversity, the campaign advocates aim to establish a systematic structure that supports diverse professionals in overcoming the socioeconomic barriers that continue to reinforce inequitable experiences for people of color and women.

An example of an inequitable experience is less than 10% of the tech workforce is African-American despite the daily advertisements that tech companies are hiring. “It makes us feel invisible…” remarked Odie Gray, President of the Diversity Cyber Council. “There is not a lack of objectively qualified diverse talent; we just continue to be subjectively denied due to reasons like culture fit when we all know that is coded language for ‘you make me uncomfortable.’”

Tech is the New Trap raises awareness about the corporate workforce’s longstanding challenges with inclusion, acceptance of the variance of identities for people of color, and, most importantly, gaining buy-in as a community to formalize and adapt systematic solutions.

Supporting this social and digital marketing campaign will help push forward the unapologetic stories the under-represented demographics in tech are still facing and struggle with in 2023 – three years removed from George Floyd’s murder. Yet many tech companies that promised change related to diversity, equity, and inclusion have either failed to be held accountable or invested in areas with marginal impact toward progress. Examples of these stories that still prevail range from mental health fatigue reported by black and brown employees due to microaggressions, the lack of equitable access to revenue-generating activities, and non-debt accruing funding opportunities for their entrepreneurial counterparts. All of which must be addressed.

“We are done asking to sit at the table, we are building our own,” announces the campaign. “Entrepreneurs are not pseudo-college students that need access to education and low-interest loans as part of your DEI campaign; they need six and seven-figure contracts for their services and products. Anything less is sub-standard.”

Ready to go, they have enforced several community initiatives ranging from a music festival, networking events, and setting technology apprenticeship programs in place.

In recognition of the vital importance of reliable internet access for all community members, the campaign is also promoting the Affordable Connectivity Program, aiming to reach as many people as possible. Their team is fully prepared to provide assistance with enrollment and intake to make the process as streamlined as possible.

Additionally, the campaign aims to gain a commitment from Atlanta-based businesses to hire graduating students and apprentices, further enhancing economic development in the City of Atlanta and equitable access to opportunity for underrepresented demographics.

“We will establish systematic solutions through community, advocacy, training, and access to opportunities that fortify personal and professional growth so we may rise as a collective,” added their team.

The undertaking of this campaign is nothing short of impressive. Serving the community as a community, Tech is the new Trap touches every sphere where black excellence excels while fostering a structured path for under-represented groups to gain equity, access, and opportunity.

Feel compelled? Visit their website today to see the full scope of their work. Click here to help fundraise for the campaign and here to learn more about it.

About Diversity Cyber Council:
Diversity Cyber Council is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in the technology sector through education, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Diversity Cyber Council aims to break down barriers and provide under-represented groups with access to the resources they need to succeed in the tech industry.

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