“Health care and wellness access for today’s workers in today’s workplace.”

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — CarynHealth, a health care software and management services company, announces its CuramLife™ health care and wellness access program is available for small business employers nationwide. CuramLife allows employers to subscribe employees into its platform of virtual health care and wellness access and, most significantly, a concierge service providing one-on-one guidance through its health care tools, and assistance in getting reduced fees and the best self-pay outcomes for employee hospital visits.

The CuramLife platform offers six different packages of virtual health care and wellness for employees, each incorporating various online services available via CarynHealth’s curated collection of nationally recognized health care provider partners. The considerable cost savings resulting from this arrangement have been passed on to the employer, yielding employer package prices starting at $4 per employee household per month.

“There’s clearly a need right now for access to health care that’s not only affordable but also delivered the right way, that makes access and useability work in concert with their job and families’ needs” says CarynHealth President/COO Kevin Swint. “With CuramLife, employers, on behalf of their workers can choose a mix of budget friendly offers to ‘right size’ their health coverage with services available the way employees prefer their health care: conveniently online and with their mobile phone.”

Swint adds, “For complex hospital and surgery needs, CuramLife also threads in a one-of-a-kind concierge service that makes its health tools work best for the employee while also exploring the avenues that help ease the employee’s hospital financial burden.

“CuramLife is a well devised and unbeatable health care access mix for today’s workers in today’s workplace,“ Swint concluded.

The CuramLife platform is available to employers for review and subscription at its website: www.CuramLife.com.

CarynHealth offers innovative cloud technology solutions and managed services for organizations that provide health insurance and sharing programs to deliver a better health care experience.

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